Fifty Shades of Soccer… Sex and the Game..

My summer post-World Cup recess is coming to an end and time to get back to work of bringing you the important stories from the female perspective.

One of the things I did on my break was power reading the entire Fifty Shades of Grey series (it took a weekend but it is done).  I deserve a medal for that… [Editorial Rant: Can someone PLEASE get E.L. James a flipping thesaurus.  Girl knows like 15 adjectives and used them insistently and incorrectly A LOT…]

Now why do you care about this? Well because one of the things that kept me hanging on, pardon the bondage pun, is that the only stable male influence in the lead female Ana’s life, is her step-father Ray.   Now Ray is salt of the earth, old school guy…  I should mention the story is set in Seattle in 2011 for the most part.  Part of Ray’s characterization being salt of the earth is his love of sports… Only two are covered the Mariners and the Sounders…  Ray is all kinds of obsessed with soccer, European club and his beloved Sounders.

Sadly for Seattle, comic gold for the rest of us, EL James is not a fan…   Seriously, they lose to Real Salt Lake TWICE in the trilogy which spans about 5 months.  They never win.

MLS, however, does win… The series has sold 100 million+ books globally and been translated into 51 languages.  Nothing MLS marketing has done has had the kind of global reach.  Yes I am including the Beckham thing… they paid a lot of money for that mess, he got the vast majority of the money and the new recognition and not sure it reached the same audience: predominately women and soccer moms at that.

The trailer for the film was released less than two weeks ago and it is already the most viewed of 2014 by a WIDE margin.

MLS needs to jump this bandwagon hard…  Many, many, many women hate this story.. god knows it is a horribly written series but it is also a massive way to get new women into the game.

I always described the game as an introduction to my non-inclined girlfriends the same way, “the prettiest boys on the planet, of every flavor you could possibly desire, run for 90 minutes and then all get shirtless and hug at the end.. what is not to love.”

No, by no means do I think that is all there is to the game or that it is a biggest reason to watch.. It is simply the selling point to get ladies to tune-in.  The beauty of the game will seduce them.  Honestly, I have never seen it fail…

Sex and soccer is not exactly a revolutionary concept I grant you, but MLS has never been given this sort of free marketing opportunity.

One of my favorite bringing ladies to MLS programs was DC United’s “Ladies’ Nights,” which have tickets to a game, cocktails, mani/pedis, shopping and player meet-and-greets.  It was a brilliant way to ease women into the game in a way that does not assume women are inferior.  The most important part of it was that it treated female fans as individual fans, not just taxi moms who drive the kids or accessories on the arm of their partners who are actual fans.

DC United said, “we support our female fans… we want more female fans…we support you being girlie and hardcore too” that needs to happen more.  Tying it to a 100 Million+ book series that has already laid the groundwork is the simplest way to do it.

Also we should ALL support Seattle losing as much as possible..  yes? [before the drama.. I am not suggesting a MLS bondage night thing… simply focusing on a highly under-represented segment of the fanbase]

Also producing appear actually designed for women but…I digress on that point.


SoccHer’s Queen Helena Costa Walks Away from Clermont Foot.. Earns Even More Respect

Conférence de presse – Helena Costa – 24 juin 2014 by clermontfoot

This is the press conference should have been First Female Manager Helena Costa’s post-exit press conference.

She said that it is her decision but rumors persist that the President refused to back her against the Technical Director. However, she handled it in a dignified and respectful manner, while refusing to tarnish the name of the club.


FIFA Does Bad-Ass, Pro-Feminist(y) Things.. I Get Super Conflicted About Them Again

Football is a powerful means of enabling women to fulfil their potential both in sport, and in society. No woman should be subject to discrimination, abuse or disadvantage because of her gender. Football will be a leader in carrying this message to the world

This is a new governing principle of FIFA.  Seriously, it is..  Actually in paper on FIFA letterhead and everything.

64th FIFA Congress, Sao Paulo,  approved a 10 Point Women’s Football Principles, requiring the positive advancement of the women’s game AND WOMEN IN THE GAME at all levels.  The quote above is principle number 10.

Honestly the principles are EXACTLY what  I would have written myself if I were writing the 10 principles of the women’s game.

That are a legitimately fantastic guidepost to spread the women’s game and women in the game to all corners of the world and demand the treatment of female’s involved in the game as players, coaches, decision making roles and fans be with request and equality.

The second principle basically codifies US Title IX into international soccer’s core values.  As an American women, I am proud of this and the women and men who fought 41 years ago to get it first passed.

Once again that I do not hate FIFA feeling is creeping up again and once again, it is creeping me out a lot.  This is the same feeling after seeing Next Goal Wins and for the same reason.  It is the good but normally hidden side of FIFA.  Only FIFA would be able to hide doing great things for communities by being complete D-Bags to communities.

More impressive is this is not just a hollow resolution, FIFA voted to DOUBLE FUNDS FOR IT’S WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  Additionally women’s programs are also eligible for five fold increase in funds for equipment to needy programs.   They also call for more women in associates leadership roles, more female coaches, more promotion of the women’s game and other important steps to advance soccer.

[Note:  much like, the, “men’s,” game FIFA used the term, “women’s game,” to mean any program with females.  Girls like boys are also covered under, “youth development,” programs].

The entire list of principles is below…

And note, Sunil  FOCUS ON 4, 8 and 10..   USSF fails there often.    Also note principle one is what I have been saying all along. Women’s game is the last new revenue stream in the game.

here is the link to the Principles on FIFA’s website






JC Penny’s ACTIVELY supports female fans. I will actively support JC Penny

Thanks to the wonderful Leslie J I have now seen this brilliant, pro/positive female fan ad.

Per KCTV 5 in Kansas City, It is part of a campaign to reach the growing Latino/Latina market and did so in a pro-female fan way. I love that so much.

I’m not the demographic that JC Penny are targeting but by treating female fandom as individuals supporting because they love the game not  just as the accessory/sexualize way normally presented, they won me over too

They get it and therefore will get my money in support.  Thanks JC Pennys

BINGO – Sexism At the World Cup dealt with thanks to @EverydaySexism and @KDS_Football

BINGO - Sexism At the World Cup dealt with thanks to @EverydaySexism and @KDS_Football

I know this was tweeted yesterday but in case anyone missed @everydaysexism World Cup Sexism Bingo Card… Enjoy, be horrified that is that accurate.


Additionally, @KDS_Football wrote a hand guide of, “10 rules for not being a gross misogynist during the World Cup” It is perfect.. People should follow it like they are the 10 Commandments for the next 34 days and then pretty much every moment of every sporting event for every sport for the remainder of time.

ESPN Does a Celeb Version of I Believe Commercial.. So there is that and A TON O’Fail

What is the deal ESPN? I don’t get why you hate female fans so much.. What is it?

The only female celebrity included is Whoopi Goldberg who says, “I.” Literal that is all she says in the whole commercial

That is it.. male celebs include Jimmy Fallon, John Hamm, Ice Cube, Keven Costner, Barry Sanders, and a host of others guys.

They also have Hope who says, “I Believe that we” and Abby who does the full, “I believe that we will win” chant. I am thrilled at the inclusion of the Women’s National Team in Supporting The boys and I would except that Deuce and BB Bradley as well as the rest of the team support the ladies next summer this much,

Where are the female celebs to support the team? None of those celebs (but Ice Cube) are clearly invested in the team so you couldn’t find a female or two who could be equally uninterested?

more than anything the ad is just bad.. it has zero emotion from the celebs other than Abby, and Ice Cube. Even Hope looks uninterested, honestly.  Why not get Drew Carey, Matthew McConaughey, Will Farrell, Kobe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, etc.

If you are wondering, Cameron Diaz can do this, so yeah she would be a good choice

Now Jon Hamm is a soccer fan and did do a short doc on Deuce for Degree

Behind the Scenes:

Kia and Hyundai Go All In For World Cup, Also Adriana Lima, A LOT of Adriana Lima.. and Kaka and Iker (video heavy)

This sells a car? Though I promote the idea that you can be sexy, feminine and a fan without just being an accessory.

Settling that debate

There are MORE COMING with Kia’s #BecomeAFan Ad Campaign which includes vines and all campaign items


HYUNDAI as official FIFA Sponsor is all in with a whole lot of social media options in their fan pack. With KAKA and Iker as Anchors



Why Oscar is with Uruguayan looking fans, no idea

The Making of the Above AD


every day.. for the next 34

Additionally Hyundai has a brilliantly done tumblr called #BecauseFutbol which contains meme, vines, commercials, etc from the fan perspective.