97 Days… USWNT has a Score to Settle? Fox has some everyday sexism to sell you too


WTF is this sexist bullshit, Fox Soccer?  SERIOUSLY, NO WTF IS THIS?

The horrifying levels of sexism in this one commercial is staggering.

So according to Fox, the two-time winning World Cup champions, four-time Olympic champions, etc, etc, etc, U.S. Women’s National Team now apparently ONLY exists avenge the failures of the Men’s National Team, a team that has won precisely zero internationally.  Save me the CONCAFAF wins nonsense, since the ladies have won all of those too.

These professional athletes who have trained their whole lives, among whom hold some of the most impressive records in international soccer, a recent FIFA world player of the year and couple others who have been shortlisted, are simply reduced to being second rate subs for their male-less- than-actually-equal-counterparts.  It is both mind-boggling and highly insulting.

Silly me, I assumed that having lost in the FINAL of the 2011 Women’s World Cup that the, “SCORE TO SETTLE,” would be winning our trophy back.  Yes, I have seen us lift it a couple of times and simply believe it belongs to us.  Kind of like Brazil feels about the men’s trophy.

So tell me Fox Soccer, what is this “score” the women need to settle for the men? How will we all know when the score has been settled?  Does Jermaine Jones tweet, “that’s our win ladies and suck it Belgium?” When the women win the Cup, must they then have the USMNT come out and have Deuce collect it since it is clearly the guys’ trophy? After all, it is there score that got settled.

Why am I even wondering where the history of the USWNT fits into this score?  It clearly doesn’t.

Thanks Fox for correcting my clearly erroneous belief that the Women’s World Cup was about celebrating and supporting women athletes in an international setting.  Clearly it is about using women as pawns in a male soccer wars.

U.S.’s President of Soccer.. No American Fan loves American Soccer like Big Bill C.

President Clinton Welcomes the World to the 1994 World Cup
(there is a German VO but you can still understand it)

President Clinton Welcomes the 1999 Women’s World Cup Winning Team to the White House 

Here is the actual text of his speech from the Clinton Library

Favorite Clinton Soccer story:  He (as Commander-in-Chief) ordered Mia Hamm’s (now ex-) husband from his military deployment in Japan (iirc) to the Rose Bowl final to surprise/cheer her own.  Come on that’s just badass level of fandom right there.   He also flew the First Family to the Final as well.

Presidents Clinton and Obama Send the 2010 World Cup Team Off to South Africa


Drinking with the Boys After Algeria…   Capt. America and President of the Fan Club