Andrea Pirlo and Philipp Lahm Sell Me Polish Made Windows… I’d Buy

I have no idea why they are brand ambassadors for a Polish window manufacturer but for the next year they are… If I had a house in Europe… I’d buy those windows. 



Version 1


Version 2


The Behind the Scenes Making of It….  

JC Penny’s ACTIVELY supports female fans. I will actively support JC Penny

Thanks to the wonderful Leslie J I have now seen this brilliant, pro/positive female fan ad.

Per KCTV 5 in Kansas City, It is part of a campaign to reach the growing Latino/Latina market and did so in a pro-female fan way. I love that so much.

I’m not the demographic that JC Penny are targeting but by treating female fandom as individuals supporting because they love the game not  just as the accessory/sexualize way normally presented, they won me over too

They get it and therefore will get my money in support.  Thanks JC Pennys

ESPN Does a Celeb Version of I Believe Commercial.. So there is that and A TON O’Fail

What is the deal ESPN? I don’t get why you hate female fans so much.. What is it?

The only female celebrity included is Whoopi Goldberg who says, “I.” Literal that is all she says in the whole commercial

That is it.. male celebs include Jimmy Fallon, John Hamm, Ice Cube, Keven Costner, Barry Sanders, and a host of others guys.

They also have Hope who says, “I Believe that we” and Abby who does the full, “I believe that we will win” chant. I am thrilled at the inclusion of the Women’s National Team in Supporting The boys and I would except that Deuce and BB Bradley as well as the rest of the team support the ladies next summer this much,

Where are the female celebs to support the team? None of those celebs (but Ice Cube) are clearly invested in the team so you couldn’t find a female or two who could be equally uninterested?

more than anything the ad is just bad.. it has zero emotion from the celebs other than Abby, and Ice Cube. Even Hope looks uninterested, honestly.  Why not get Drew Carey, Matthew McConaughey, Will Farrell, Kobe, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, etc.

If you are wondering, Cameron Diaz can do this, so yeah she would be a good choice

Now Jon Hamm is a soccer fan and did do a short doc on Deuce for Degree

Behind the Scenes:

Kia and Hyundai Go All In For World Cup, Also Adriana Lima, A LOT of Adriana Lima.. and Kaka and Iker (video heavy)

This sells a car? Though I promote the idea that you can be sexy, feminine and a fan without just being an accessory.

Settling that debate

There are MORE COMING with Kia’s #BecomeAFan Ad Campaign which includes vines and all campaign items


HYUNDAI as official FIFA Sponsor is all in with a whole lot of social media options in their fan pack. With KAKA and Iker as Anchors



Why Oscar is with Uruguayan looking fans, no idea

The Making of the Above AD


every day.. for the next 34

Additionally Hyundai has a brilliantly done tumblr called #BecauseFutbol which contains meme, vines, commercials, etc from the fan perspective.

Nike Risk Everything… Takes on Corporate America (Irony and Hilarity Ensue)

Nike goes Anime-esque as Team Nike battles the corporatization of international football.

A future dystopian world where players are replaced by robot clones, lacking any semblance of creativity, individuality or humanity. It is brilliantly done and features Rooney, Zlatan, Ribery, Cristino, Real Ronaldo, David Luiz and St. Timmy Howard to assumable like a footballing Justice League to save the beautiful game.

They fail to see the irony of the their part in the corporatization and destruction of the the game which might be the funniest part. That said, it is awesome


BeInSport(s) USA/ESP Has No Claim to the Cup But is Crushing the Promo Game (several ads included)

Time Of Our Lives” by Ahmed Chawki & RedOne (producing) is the official song of BeINSport(s). It is such a catchy song and the editing on the commercial is fantastic.  While it is lighter on female fans that I would like, the ones it shows are invested in the matches not in being sexed up accessories.

A fuller length version as well:


This is simply flawless… Plus kids playing co-ed..


This #changethegame ad is Brilliant! Use of the Notre Dame’s “Victory March” is especially effective.


Also: yes I know they have the rights in other countries so the ads are used in multiple countries.