97 Days… USWNT has a Score to Settle? Fox has some everyday sexism to sell you too


WTF is this sexist bullshit, Fox Soccer?  SERIOUSLY, NO WTF IS THIS?

The horrifying levels of sexism in this one commercial is staggering.

So according to Fox, the two-time winning World Cup champions, four-time Olympic champions, etc, etc, etc, U.S. Women’s National Team now apparently ONLY exists avenge the failures of the Men’s National Team, a team that has won precisely zero internationally.  Save me the CONCAFAF wins nonsense, since the ladies have won all of those too.

These professional athletes who have trained their whole lives, among whom hold some of the most impressive records in international soccer, a recent FIFA world player of the year and couple others who have been shortlisted, are simply reduced to being second rate subs for their male-less- than-actually-equal-counterparts.  It is both mind-boggling and highly insulting.

Silly me, I assumed that having lost in the FINAL of the 2011 Women’s World Cup that the, “SCORE TO SETTLE,” would be winning our trophy back.  Yes, I have seen us lift it a couple of times and simply believe it belongs to us.  Kind of like Brazil feels about the men’s trophy.

So tell me Fox Soccer, what is this “score” the women need to settle for the men? How will we all know when the score has been settled?  Does Jermaine Jones tweet, “that’s our win ladies and suck it Belgium?” When the women win the Cup, must they then have the USMNT come out and have Deuce collect it since it is clearly the guys’ trophy? After all, it is there score that got settled.

Why am I even wondering where the history of the USWNT fits into this score?  It clearly doesn’t.

Thanks Fox for correcting my clearly erroneous belief that the Women’s World Cup was about celebrating and supporting women athletes in an international setting.  Clearly it is about using women as pawns in a male soccer wars.

Buzzfeed.. .gifs up Female Fan Appeal Nonsense.. IS COMPLETELY CORRECT



Buzzfeed turns its powers of .gifing real life toward women trying to be fans and wearing fan apparel.  They NAIL it.    It ignores MLS/soccer but it is all still true for our sport too

ALSO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS LIST… THE 2013 Fan DEMOGRAPHIC for all major sports… MLS included.  

MLS & Adidas – AGAIN Get Your Sexist Asses in Line


This little fact is OUTRAGEOUS.  FOUR out of  NINETEEN clubs will have jerseys for female fans… 21% OF TEAMS…  TWENTY-ONE FLIPPING PERCENT OF TEAMS…





Equal access to support one’s team should not be an option for team…   If the team decided not to sell shirts to African-American or homosexual fans, the World Would Be OUTRAGED and UP IN ARMS, and rightly so… discriminating against women, however, is simply accepted.



Tweet to Complain:  

Commissioner Don “VITO” Garber: @thesoccerdon

Adidas Soccer: @adidassoccer

MLS: @mls

MLS Gear:  @mlsgear

When Dr. Eva Carneiro Drops Truths on Sexism and Sports – YOU PAY ATTENTION

Addressing a Swedish FA organized medical conference in late January, Chelsea FC’S team doctor Eva Carneiro, M.D. talks about what it is like being female in medicine, in sports and what she wants for future generations of young girls: “ass-kicking women, that are not behaving like men,” included.


The only interview I could find with her was from 2009  Gibraltar Magazine issue  which I found through a link in a bleacher report article so thanks to those guys

Note: If you want to hate humanity… read comments written about her.  They consist of, “she’s so hot,” “she super hot,” “gorgeous,” “that hot girl on Chelsea’s bench,” Lacking are comments on her medical skills, etc.


I found this under her tags at tumblr and  honestly don’t think it is that hard to be her girls:

    • Get massively good grades in high school, college, undergrad…
    • Do a ton of post-graduate work in sports medicine
    • Do that one above while working as an Emergency Room physician
    • Trail-blaze in a field that barely exists in your country
    • Get hired Nation’s Olympic Committee  and at least two separate Prem clubs [she was at West Ham first while working on her sports med MA]
    •  Work your way from the academy team to the first team
    • While dodging an industry that thinks ONLY your looks matter


International Women’s Day – Sexism in Sports and Life

International Women’s Day – Sexism in Sports and Life

We are going to ignore out confusion/outrage and instead embrace the diversity that the author of this article linked in the title is a man.

READ IT… it is a powerful indictment of sexism in sports journalism.. It is also a reminder of why I refuse to watch BeInSport’s The Lockeroom.  Andy Gray should not be anywhere need an American television or one anywhere else.  He is a creepy, sexist, perv and will never be anything better.

Look, I am not a radical feminist, well actually I proudly am a radical feminist..  However, I don’t however think that a cookie-cutter approach to office sexual politics works.  I am well aware that male and female colleagues can have sexual and what would often be deemed, “inappropriate” discussions/jokes at the office and it mean nothing more than jovial banter.  That is ONLY true if everyone understands and agrees AND IF IT DOES NOT MAKE anyone feel belittled or coerced into a sexual requirements they are uncomfortable or where their consent is treated as irrelevant.

I honestly do not know any women or girl for that matter who has never been sexually harassed.  We live with it and work around it all the time, every single day.  Our professional lives should not be landmines fields where we dodge sexual advances, discrimination, harassment and disparaged for our gender or our sexuality.

My first real job out of college was working as an office assistant for a sporting goods trade association.  At the office wide picnic in the park, my then direct boss, a real guy’s guy and ladies’ man as he portrayed himself, took the shell left over from sticky labels are printed on the computer, stuck it on my bum as said the another person in the office, “look this year’s new bikini,” and then they proceeded to joke about it, my body and me.  I was horrified but he was my boss, and I was still in my probationary period after temping for 8 month, so I did not say anything at the time.

Later that week at an office required happy hour, he asked me what I wanted him to be to me, “[my] daddy, man, or boyfriend.”   No, he never once included anything in the range of, “boss,” “colleague,” or “mentor.”

Also that same week I had a letter put in my file from the chairman of the board of the association, declaring what, “an asset,” “profession young woman,” I was and the company was lucky to have me since I had worked hard and productively representing the group at the most recent board meeting and other events.  The head of the office congratulated me on my hardwork and organization as well.

Being fresh out of college and believing the sexual harassment training we all went through just two weeks before, I filed a complaint within the chain of command as the the training taught me.  Ten days later I was fired after the company’s fervent attempts to trash my reputation.  They pulled up initial rough draft of documents and stated it was my final work product turned in, invented times that I was not at the office when I could document that I was, barred anyone in the office from speaking with me.

They proceeded to TRASH me to prospective employers checking references as well.  I know this because I interviewed for a position and ended up explaining everything that happened.  They checked my references there and were told horrendous things about me, things that no one else even hinted at being true.  It was a horrible experience all the way around.

I filed with the EEOC and that was a whole mess of a process.  Last I heard, he was fired and never heard from again at least in my world.  I moved on and found much better (and amazingly worse) places  to work over the years. I have no regrets about standing up for myself even with all the ensuing drama and hardships I suffered.  Being unemployed sucks..  But being a woman means doing the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing.

But make no mistake, the whole thing leaves some scars.  All because some douchbag on a power-trip wanted to put a girl in her place.  I was too young and inexperienced to know that at that first moment it happens, you scream bloody murder and I would take a swing at him now, but my advice, at least make sure EVERYONE knows what happened..

Witnesses are good but.. hell EVERYONE witnesses Andy Gray’s sexual misconduct and he still gets to be on American TV every week.  Of course, he works for a network that dresses/make-ups up its female on-air talent like poll dancers.  The first El Classico they covered on their new network, their big debut:  Terry Leigh was wearing a shirt black top and a black lace bra.. because Professionalism, much?  Seriously, shear [read: see through] black button down blouse and a black lace bra. Why? Yeah..  no idea either…

She should not have to tart herself up just to get screen time.  After all she is a competent and interesting professional journalist, whose brain and ability to articulate sporting news and match analysis should be shown without placating to stereotypical male sexual fantasies.    Also I am, in no way, saying that a competent, professional journalist cannot be feminine or display her sexuality.  She can absolutely, but when she is forced to do it as part of the job. It demeans her, the company she works for and the audience.

Women’s sexuality and sports are and should not be devoid of each other.  As female fans, most of the women I know judge the sexual attractiveness of players both male and female.  I have no problem with males judging sexual attractiveness of players either nor either of judging sexual attractiveness of sports reporters when it is part of the entire judging system.  It cannot be the ONLY thing athletes and journalists are judged on.  The actual professional aspects must be front and center, first and foremost.

God knows Syd Leroux is all sexy and she owns it.  She is proud of her body and her spirit and her talent.  Anyone who thinks she is on the team for any reason other than her brilliant ability to put the ball in the net is officially an idiot.

Speaking of female athletes and sexism..  At the Poverty Match this week, Marta [featured in the Google Doodle above] SHINED brightest in a team with Zidane, Maldini, (real) Ronaldo, Cannavaro, and the ledges of the male game.  SHE OWNED THE PITCH, assisting on Zidane’s first goal and having multiple great chances.

My favorite part was she did that while being a teammate of  AC Milan/Italy hero Gennaro Gattuso who only a couple of months ago said, “I can’t really see women in football, I don’t like to say it but that’s how it is.”  Oh Rino, she was better than you on the day.. Let’s broaden our POV, K babe… Thanks.

When when stop being viewed solely for their sexuality, we will have made real progress in society.  Women can do ANYTHING they like even play and cover soccer and other sports without either diminishing or being solely reduced to her sexuality.  Welcome to 2014.. it’ll be ok.

PS – Awesome video of 10 players in the World

Twitter Attempts to Mansplain Disco Mix’s Career to Me

God flipping god, what the hell is up with today?

Over the last 24 hours, I have been REPEATEDLY mansplained about this tweet

A couple of the guys I know and they were just commenting and offering opinions. I’m not talking about you guys; you know that I like discussing things with you.

I’m talking about the random strangers who felt the need to explain things like, he’s been getting consistent call-ups for like 2 years nowReally?  Huh, you don’t say?  Like oh in January Camp?  See, I referenced his last call-up right there in that tweet and her e is a picture I took of him at said camp.


Also heard because the camp is Euro based?    That was followed up by the Game is in Europe so not really a big trip back to Norway.   WOW. Lightening bolt, Revelation.  I cannot…

So we are clear, I WAS NOT ASKING A QUESTION that needed answering, I was making a declarative statement about what I found most interesting in the Call-Up.  No one, not one guy asked, “WHY,” I was intrigued.   Since you are now asking it to yourself, I will tell you (that was my best Zlatan autobiography move right there).  

Mix was just in January Camp that ended three weeks ago:  He is the only player with a second call-up in 2014.  Why? There are a myriad of possible reasons:

  • He didn’t impressive enough to solidify a place but enough to get a call back?
  • He super impressed and JK wants to see how he does his, “CORE” players: St. Timmy, BB Bradley, Deuce, Germany J, and Jozy, to get a real feel for the Brazil starting line-ups
  • JK just wants to make sure Mix has as much playing time as possible since the Tippeligaen (yes I googled the name of Norway’s league) does start until late March, though like MLS they are in pre-season now.
  • USSF just needed an extra body in camp since the MLS players aren’t getting called up minus BB Bradley and Deuce.

So no, “he regularly gets called-up,” or, he’s Euro based,” does not satiate my curiosity on the Mix call-up but thanks for the mansplaining…

 Rosenborg did offer this (translated via google)

One can safely say that Mix has the confidence of Klinsmann. RBK player has participated in 14 of America’s last 15 games. And statistics with Mix of the track is not bad: With Mix the path the U.S. has won 13 matches and lost only one. Three matches ended draw.

Though the math confuses me..

also fun Disco Mix fact: he is the Kaka of Rosenborg, Only referred to as “Mix”

Dear Sexist Boys of Soccer

Women who talk about football tactics, it’s beautiful. I find that fantastic. And you know what a 4-3-3 is, right?” – Laurent Blanc does his bit for gender equality in response to a question from a female Swedish journalist

“I don’t talk football with women. That’s how I see things. They can go back to their saucepans” – Bernard Lacombe, Aulas’s right-hand man at Lyon, takes exception to a female caller who criticises Karim Benzema during a radio phone-in

The attention that women’s football gets in Sweden is unequalled in the world…It is a surprising thing. They do their work marvelously well and they will continue to do it, but you cannot compare the individual performance of a woman with a man.

“In Europe. they compare me with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. When I come back to Sweden, they compare me with a female player.             

With all due respect to women, they should be paid in proportion to what they generate (financially).”

“Give them [Swedish National Women’s Team] a bicycle with my autograph and that will be enough“. — Zalatan on the women in football.

Dear Sexist Boys of Soccer,

Females should be kept out of the clubhouse that is the beautiful game…    WE . GET . IT .

Your penises are so intrinsically connected to your brains’ functioning that you cannot imagine our uteruses could operate independent of our cerebral processing.

Now truth be told, our uteruses do, in fact, render our understanding of the differences between a standard 4-4-2,  a 4-3-3, and a 4-3-2-1 formation impossible.    And those damn two X chromosomes block any ability our feeble little minds might have to grasp things as simple as the offside rule or handball v. ball-to-hand.

Something as complex as soccer is WAY TOO ADVANCED for us to comprehend.  Only shopping, looking pretty, cooking, cleaning, and providing our men with every whim served with a extra-large helping of ego-stroking, idol-worship.  That is what we are here for looking pretty, sexing up all your fantasies while serving you dinner in our most virginally slutty dress.

Sexism is so pervasive in soccer that moments where someone stands-up against it come as a shock to my system.    What is remarkable about what Zlatan said is that anyone was surprised.   First of all, the line about the attention women’s football getting is Sweden is the unequalled in the world is Zalatan-level BS.  Let’s be real here, Team USA got that title by massive margin.

Even the reaction to Ibra’s comments highlighted the embedded nature of sexism in this sport.  The outrage was directed towards his, admittedly, idiotic comments.  There is no outrage directed at the Swedish FA for its much more insidious sexism.  After all, it was not Zlatan who gave a Volvo to their new, “cap leader,” while completely ignoring their ACTUAL cap leading player because she is well, a she.

Now, many American guys I have read are outraged about his statements, but I have not read any outraged about the FA’s actions.  It is much like the lack of outrage directed at US Soccer when it the Federation completely ignored the USWNT during the 100th Anv celebration weekend last June.  The ladies were annexed to Canada, while the entirety of US Soccer glitterati was lavishly celebrating in DC watching the boys played Germany.

This is the USWNT — World Cup winning, Olympic gold medal winning, Ballon d’Or winning, tons of other trophy winning — program, and it was EXCILED to Canada without a second thought.  The program that gave the world Mia, Julie, Abby, Hope, Michelle, Alex, Heather, Kristine, et al and gave US Soccer a lot of trophies was virtually unrepresented in celebrating US Soccer’s 100th birthday.

I get how sexism is bred within the game, especially outside America.  Boys who show talent from an early age are whisked away from their families and communities to be trained with other boys by men.  There is not a lot of interaction with girls or women as part of the game growing up.  Combine that with the acceptable levels of sexism in society at large, and you get where we are now.  Girls are too alien to the game they know, to believe girls could understand and be part of it.

All is not as hopeless as it seems.   There are some women starting to be part of the men’s game; Sia Massey  and Barbara Berlusconi are shaking up the game with so far mixed results, but starts are always bumpy.

What is funny to me, though, is that soccer seems is most equal of all team sports.  Unlike, say, golf, there is no difference in the playing field.  No pitch equivalent of the ladies T; no softball to baseball differential in ball size; and no differences in the clock like basketball.   It is the SAME game played on the same field with the same ball, by the same rules for the same amount of time.  Soccer is soccer, regardless of gender.

The only difference is the number of fans in the stands and money being made, or not made in the women’s game.   As women, we cannot hope to eliminate sexism in the game until we support and promote the women’s game as much and as often as we do the men’s game.  Supporting women’ club game as well as the women’s international game, grows the game and makes women in the game more acceptable and more normal and that can flow over into the men’s game.  Oddly, I agree with Zlatan on that point

The biggest hope to eradicate sexism in the game are female fans.  Fans not  watching the game to be a pretty accessory for our men but watching the games because WE LOVE IT.   We are the new power in the game.  We travel to matches around the world and we talk, text, tweet and even blog about it.  We support the game, our teams and other women in the game.

Women’s biggest advantage in the game is that we are the last great untapped market.  There is no new money to be made from male fans, but women though.. we are potentially a lot of new money in a lot of new bank accounts.

Money counts, actually it might be the one true equalizer in this game.

Quotes 1 and  2 from From the Guardian

Zalatan quotes: Mirror.co.uk From the Daily Mirror