97 Days… USWNT has a Score to Settle? Fox has some everyday sexism to sell you too


WTF is this sexist bullshit, Fox Soccer?  SERIOUSLY, NO WTF IS THIS?

The horrifying levels of sexism in this one commercial is staggering.

So according to Fox, the two-time winning World Cup champions, four-time Olympic champions, etc, etc, etc, U.S. Women’s National Team now apparently ONLY exists avenge the failures of the Men’s National Team, a team that has won precisely zero internationally.  Save me the CONCAFAF wins nonsense, since the ladies have won all of those too.

These professional athletes who have trained their whole lives, among whom hold some of the most impressive records in international soccer, a recent FIFA world player of the year and couple others who have been shortlisted, are simply reduced to being second rate subs for their male-less- than-actually-equal-counterparts.  It is both mind-boggling and highly insulting.

Silly me, I assumed that having lost in the FINAL of the 2011 Women’s World Cup that the, “SCORE TO SETTLE,” would be winning our trophy back.  Yes, I have seen us lift it a couple of times and simply believe it belongs to us.  Kind of like Brazil feels about the men’s trophy.

So tell me Fox Soccer, what is this “score” the women need to settle for the men? How will we all know when the score has been settled?  Does Jermaine Jones tweet, “that’s our win ladies and suck it Belgium?” When the women win the Cup, must they then have the USMNT come out and have Deuce collect it since it is clearly the guys’ trophy? After all, it is there score that got settled.

Why am I even wondering where the history of the USWNT fits into this score?  It clearly doesn’t.

Thanks Fox for correcting my clearly erroneous belief that the Women’s World Cup was about celebrating and supporting women athletes in an international setting.  Clearly it is about using women as pawns in a male soccer wars.

Here is to Title IX, Sexist’s Problems and The 99ers

All day yesterday, I had been trying to write about how much love and admiration I have for the greatest soccer team, America has ever produced.  The 1999 Women’s World Cup Team.. it was the 15th anniversary of their stunning penalty taking triumph.

I was not sure what to say, or even what was left to say..  in 15 years, not much was left to debate, discuss, dissect.  Sure I could have written a flowery piece about how much watching the ladies play in the Quarterfinals shaped me or the feeling of dread bordering on tears at Brandi’s own goal followed up by my relief at her redemption in tying the match or my unbridled, emotional meltdown at Joy’s game winner, which I do not recall being spectacular stylistically but it was perfect.    Surviving the knock-out round after a disastrous start with 54,000 or so people watching still makes me tingle with pride and joy.

I could have talked about the final.. Michelle Akers, the greatest soccer player America has ever produced, (sorry Landon, it’s not even close) being forced to leave the pitch injured.   If you doubt it ask FIFA, they named her Women’s Player of the Century.  Her male counter-parts are Pele and Maradonna sharing the title.  She also won FIFA Order of Merit the highest honor in world soccer.  She is also of course in the US Soccer Hall of Fame.  Basically she is EVERY PART OF AWESOME AND BADASS..  [note her twitter feed is as AMAZING as she is.  She is a must follow].    Did I mention for those of you who don’t know.. she did it while battling Lime Disease, for which there were not a lot of treatment options at the time.  Or there was Kristine Lilly’s perfect world cup saving header off the line, Briana’s penalty stop or Brandi and celebration of the century.

But even those things have been done before..  Nothing really captured what I wanted to say about them.  Then twitter blew up last night because a lacrosse and soccer sportswear Warrior manufacturer (a subsidiary of New Balance) decided to let their sexist flag high and proud.


and then doubled-down.. with a tweet about how there are more women’s lacrosse programs in school than men’s and how that was also a #TitleIXProblem and the added #inequality.. no seriously, they did.  They actually did and have yet to apologize.   At least they did finally delete the tweets about about two hours.

In that two hours, two thinks struck me… first most of the people ripping them apart in response and outraged (at least at the beginning were young guys).  They were as outraged and furious as I or any of my feminist girlfriends were, maybe more so.. they were pissed.  Seriously they stepped up.   Here are a few..

My friend Aristeia summed the situation up best..

She is not wrong.. it totally is.. My second thought was this…

It is true… the great single moment in the history of Title IX was the USWNT winning the World Cup at home in front of 90,000 fans in the stands and millions watching around the world.  That entire team was raised as the first generation of Title IX babies where girls/women’s athleticism was equally celebrated, encouraged and required.

Yes, they won the title in 1991 and the Olympics in 1996 but this was wholly different.  That night in the stands I was with my then boyfriend who I had to drag to go..  girls playing soccer was not exactly high on his baseball scholarship earning list of priorities… that night was magical.. yes for the win and for the drama but for something much more simply and yet powerful.

I looks at him and said, ” My god all the little kids, girls and boys, are wearing Mia jerseys?”  He was completely lost on why this was a big deal.  He  had been to hundreds of sporting events and you always wore your team’s jersey to him.  I had been too many too but like him, they had ALL been male teams competing against male teams.  They jerseys were for male athletes.

This tournament has to be the first time in history that a stadium full of people were watching, “girls,” while WEARING THE JERSEY OF A GIRL PLAYER.  Little boys were running not even understanding what the revolution they were leading..  Those little boys and girls watching the 1999ers then are now leading the first against sexism in sports as evidenced by their response to Warrior’s madness.  Those boys 15 years later are just accustom to women being athletic as part of norm life.

Now of course, there are many guys (and girls sadly) who agreed with he company but many, many, many more did it.  Myself and many, people I know have contacted both warrior and its parent company New Balance (a company I have ALWAYS loved for their corporate responsibility) to complain.  From reports back, New Balance is taking it seriously even if their subsidiary is not.  Warrior apparently was getting hammered today with complaint calls.. after all sexism is bad and bad for business.

The Washington Post’s Des Bieler wrote an article on this matter entitled, “Warrior sports apparel company offers lessons in anti-social media.”  In it he writes, that  Warrior posted an apologycap

Here is the thing… it is not on their Twitter Timeline..  there is zero hint of an apology that anyone I have seen has seen.   But good lord in even, their website is a misogynist’s wet dream..  SERIOUSLY THESE ARE ACTUALLY ON THEIR website...  basically the company motto is, “women not worthy to sell to but totally worthy to sell.” Apparently slavery and human trafficking are comic gold in the lacrosse world.

Capture Capture

Now looking father back into their Timeline is this masterpiece of not at all rape-culture promoting marketing masterpiece


Cross the line is their ad campaign…

There is an amazing irony and symmetry in this happening on the 15th Anv of the 1999er winning the World Cup or more appropriately, Title IX’s great single success.

Ultimately what I have come to understand is this.. the true power of Title IX is not teaching girls that being athletic, competitive, strong, determined, self-confident and all the other positive things girls get from sports; it is teaching the boys as well that girls are all of those things and to fight with girls to protect girls’ right to play too.

Thanks to the 92 Congress for passing Title IX, thanks to all the subsequent Congresses who reauthorized it. Thanks to the 199ers for always making us proud and thanks to the guys who stand with women in the fight for equality, thanks to you most of all.  As Aristeia said so perfectly, “love the guys on my TL that understand they can be masculine and a feminist. And it’s sexy as hell.”

Now we are 329 Days Away from the 2015 Women’s World Cup.. come on ladies… let’s bring home finally what is rightfully ours.  For yourselves, for your country, for the 1999ers who paved your way and for the sexist dbags would still try to stand in your way.

FIFA Does Bad-Ass, Pro-Feminist(y) Things.. I Get Super Conflicted About Them Again

Football is a powerful means of enabling women to fulfil their potential both in sport, and in society. No woman should be subject to discrimination, abuse or disadvantage because of her gender. Football will be a leader in carrying this message to the world

This is a new governing principle of FIFA.  Seriously, it is..  Actually in paper on FIFA letterhead and everything.

64th FIFA Congress, Sao Paulo,  approved a 10 Point Women’s Football Principles, requiring the positive advancement of the women’s game AND WOMEN IN THE GAME at all levels.  The quote above is principle number 10.

Honestly the principles are EXACTLY what  I would have written myself if I were writing the 10 principles of the women’s game.

That are a legitimately fantastic guidepost to spread the women’s game and women in the game to all corners of the world and demand the treatment of female’s involved in the game as players, coaches, decision making roles and fans be with request and equality.

The second principle basically codifies US Title IX into international soccer’s core values.  As an American women, I am proud of this and the women and men who fought 41 years ago to get it first passed.

Once again that I do not hate FIFA feeling is creeping up again and once again, it is creeping me out a lot.  This is the same feeling after seeing Next Goal Wins and for the same reason.  It is the good but normally hidden side of FIFA.  Only FIFA would be able to hide doing great things for communities by being complete D-Bags to communities.

More impressive is this is not just a hollow resolution, FIFA voted to DOUBLE FUNDS FOR IT’S WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  Additionally women’s programs are also eligible for five fold increase in funds for equipment to needy programs.   They also call for more women in associates leadership roles, more female coaches, more promotion of the women’s game and other important steps to advance soccer.

[Note:  much like, the, “men’s,” game FIFA used the term, “women’s game,” to mean any program with females.  Girls like boys are also covered under, “youth development,” programs].

The entire list of principles is below…

And note, Sunil  FOCUS ON 4, 8 and 10..   USSF fails there often.    Also note principle one is what I have been saying all along. Women’s game is the last new revenue stream in the game.

here is the link to the Principles on FIFA’s website






Real Madrid Celebrates La Decima With Power Pink Away Kit..Sexist/Homophobic Bastards Go All Sexist and Homophobic



“They only care about making money,” said Josep Maria Vazquez, treasurer of the Penya Joan Gamper supporters’ group in the Catalan capital. “It’s ugly and they are taking things too far with that colour.”

“It’s not very masculine,” added Sergi Soler, a bar owner in the city centre.

 Barca Fans on the New Pink Kit

Bet Ronaldo’s boyfriend loves it

Enjoy wearing your pink top, you little lady.”


i was wondering if the pink kit comes with a handbag?”

Pinks for girls

All hail the the 10 times Queens of Europe !”

 A not scientifically accurate sampling of the comments section at the Daily Mail article

And the there is twitter search “real madrid gay,” which will make you hate humanity.



Real Madrid and Adidas (I know; I am shocked too) are celebrating La Decima by painting Europe fuchsia … and it is FABULOUS.

I’m not even a Madrid fan but I am pretty certain that I will own one by the start of next season.  Also the traditional white kits are also trimmed in the same pink and look fantastic.

Predictably, as bold as the pink is, the open sexism and homophobia that already runs rampant in soccer, especially related to European based teams, has been even more embolden.

More disheartening was how simply generic and cliched the trolling was.  There was nothing original, creative, or unique about the insults, just the usual drudgery.  The tired and true, “girlie,” and, “gay,” slurs as though being either and/or both of those things are insults that should make the receiver feel shamed and inadequate.  Breaking News: I don’t feel either of those things.
I am proud to be female… and a female sports fan.   What I am ashamed of, is these fellow,” fans,” who supposedly share my love of this game but do so in such a vile, inhumane way, using it as a weapon to promote hate and divide people.


I get wanting to best your rival team’s fans.  That is part of sports and part of the fun of sports.  What I do not get is going attacking and abusing anyone.   I stood next to a group of Mexican fans in Columbus last September.  We joked, ribbed, argued decisions, but we did it with mutual respect and a good-natured humor between us.   We hugged it out at the end and they wished us/US well in Brazil and I wished them luck in the play-offs.  We were/are rivals, NOT ENEMIES.
The tagline for the Madrid Campaign is, “LOVE IT OR FEAR IT.”  And I love that..  you can see the fear in these responses: Fear of being Female, fear of being Gay, but mainly fear of not being accepted by society.”  It hits the nail on the head..

There are theories that the pink is designed specifically to make to the female market.  As I have said several times before, if teams want to grow their market-share, they must target female fans as we are the last new revenue stream.  (ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION SUNIL?)  The Biggest team in the World gets that it needs female fans, even if just to promote females as equal, to continue to grow their profits and their fanbase.

They won me over and I am not even a fan.

Thanks Real Madrid for treating females as equal sports fans and worthy of equal marketing and merchandising.


US Soccer’s Latest Fiasco… Misogynist (& Mansplaining Extraordinaire) Lupe Fiasco Named Musical Director

At this point… CAN EVERYONE sans General Manager Pam Perkins BE FIRED?  Just go all scorched Earth on U.S. Soccer House?  

Somehow in an attempt to be awesome and FAILING super hard, US Soccer named Lupe Fiasco Musical Director.

Yes, he of the hugely controversial and highly sexist single, Bad Bitch.  The One where he blamed women for being called bitches and then attempts to define for us women what is proper in our behavior.. Basically demanding that women acquiesce to traditional stereotyped roles sexuality and gender:  BEING MOM… Literally HE SAYS THAT: “Bitch bad, woman good, lady better, greatest motherhood.”   We should want NOTHING ELSE.

Also these are some quality pro-women lyrics:

He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that sexually
She got the wrong idea, he don’t wanna fuck her
He thinks she’s bad at being a bitch like his mother


I can respect the idea of starting a dialogue on the use of the term, “bitch,” and its consequences.  It is important.

However, I cannot be ok with it being started by someone for whom the term is not applied to and suffers none of those consequences.  Or by someone who seeks to define exactly what is acceptable female behavior.  I really do not need to be sexistly mansplained about gender discrimination and bias.  It is about as appropriate as me as a well-educated, upper-income white person demanding a dialogue on the “N-word,” in African-American culture. It’s a non-starter.

For the record, I love the term, “Bitch,” because I understand what it means, especially when males direct it towards me.  It means I don’t fit into their stereotyped, gender  box.  I don’t sit quietly back and accept my assumed role as less than a man; hiding my opinions and downcasting my ambition because it might hurt an ego or two.  I wear being called a, “bitch,” as a badge of honor because it means I do not conform to a convention to which I do not subscribe.  I know that when I am referred to as a, “bitch,” in a debate/discussion, I’ve won it.  There is nothing left factually or intellectually for the person to base their opinion so they just start attacking me personally.  I generally just respond, “yes I am thank you.”  It is something Lupe Fiasco does not understand at all..

I, sure as hell, do not want him or anyone else, defining for me or for any other women what is acceptable life achievements and goals.   We can actually accomplish more than be baby-making machines.  We can be rappers (well not me because as my beloved ex says I am the, “rhythemless nation.”), we can be soccer players, we can be scientists and we can be sports fans too.

US Soccer as the governing body of tens of thousands of females who participate in this game should be appalled by this message of telling young girls that the only way to be the best is by breeding.  WTF?

Add Hurley to US Soccer Sexist Summer of Soccer… Excludes Female Fans from their US Soccer Line

Add Hurley to US Soccer Sexist Summer of Soccer... Excludes Female Fans from their US Soccer Line


The MUCH heralded US Soccer line at Hurley includes board shorts matching both the god-awful golf shirts and the bomb pop; 4 different t-shirts, 2 tank tops, and a hat.. EVERY ONE FOR GUYS… EVEN THE DAMN HAT IS JUST FOR GUYS? There is, as per infuriating usual, zero options for female fans unless they want to buy from the Guy’s section. WE DON’T.. WE’D LIKE CLOTHES THAT SHOW OUR SUPPORT WITHOUT BEING SLUTTY OR GUY’S.

The RAGE JUST BUILDS… How the hell hard is it for ANYONE at Soccer House to figure out there may be a female fan or two? OR AT LEAST ALMOST HAVE YOUR FAN-BASE..



Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5

These are the ONLY women featured in the ad… Males are shown playing and cheering because male = fandom

Seriously what the flipping hell is this Sexist, Stereotypical, Nonsense.. WOMEN ARE FANS OF THE GAME TOO.. NOT JUST SEX KITTENS TO PLACATE MALE FANTASIES.. ”


All women shown are half naked and grating in classical male dreams… It is that Adidas Brazilian ass t-shirt come to life. It is also equally offensive on so many levels

IT refused to embed.. probably because it knows its vile..  so here is the link:

ETA:  My issues with this Ad:
Look at how girls are presented (non-existent, only boys playing)

Why is not a single woman being associated with the matches? Why are they not cheering/involved in fandom of the sport?

Why is not a single girl playing soccer, some of the greatest female players on the planet are Brazilian (Hell Marta alone)?

Why are there no guys on the beach? just two hot bikini-clad girls shoot from the side to accentuate side-boob? 

Why are only women half-naked and gyrating? Where is male carnival presentation?

Why does a bikini clad women need to emerge out of the water with the cup?

Why is every women only presented as a sex object.