Nike Risk Everything… Takes on Corporate America (Irony and Hilarity Ensue)

Nike goes Anime-esque as Team Nike battles the corporatization of international football.

A future dystopian world where players are replaced by robot clones, lacking any semblance of creativity, individuality or humanity. It is brilliantly done and features Rooney, Zlatan, Ribery, Cristino, Real Ronaldo, David Luiz and St. Timmy Howard to assumable like a footballing Justice League to save the beautiful game.

They fail to see the irony of the their part in the corporatization and destruction of the the game which might be the funniest part. That said, it is awesome


TOUCH by Alyssa Milano Comes to MLS

My soon to be super cute, DC United Touch by Alyssa Milano T.

I have loved the work Alyssa Milano has done to feminize sports clothes, since she started a MLB line years ago.   I LOATH buying soccer clothes because they simply do not make them for females over the age of 12.   I have a several US Soccer t-shirts most of which are children’s X-Large or Adult Mediums which swim on me. I HATE jerseys; those things are not designed or cut for breasts at all.

Seriously how the hell hard is it to just design some clothing for fans with breasts.  It really should not be that hard.   I have complained to high ranking MLS, US Soccer and Nike representatives for years about this.  All of them men and all who give me the same confused look of, “really? Sell clothes for women. WHAT?”  then add, “We should be doing that.  I will look into it.”  At which point, I know NOTHING well ever be done about it again.

You think that I am kidding..  US Soccer’s online store presently has 6 options for men’s outerwear and exactly ZERO options for women’s outerwear.  It also has TWENTY-NINE, yes TWENTY-NINE t-shirt options for men (that is excluding the ones on-sale) and FOUR, yes just FOUR for women‘s t-shirts..  None are on sale as far as I can tell.  Nike and US Soccer seriously need to get their collective Sh*t together and rectify this situation.

MLS and Adidas, whom I hate at this point,  are no better.  In the DC United online store section called, “women and children,” because of course they should go together [all MLS websites have the “women and children” together].  There is ONE t-shirt option, but in the “Tshirts and Polos” section [READ: for those with penises] there are EIGHT options including long-sleeved, polos and several graphic.  The LA Galaxy online store does have five t-shirt options and two jerseys (supposedly cut for women) including the ever charming, “LA Galaxy I Heart Boys Who Play Soccer Women’s T-Shirt”  [sales pitch reads: “What can we say? We dig dudes who play soccer, especially the ones who play for the LA Galaxy” and it has a Sequin heart detail]  And no there is no male equivalent of that nonsense.

This is why when @LeslieJ_ one of my favorite soccer loving ladies [follow her] tweeted a link to the Touch by Alyssa Milano Galaxy shirt I got giddy.  I instantly went looking for a DC United shirt which I found. (YAY, and ordering ASAP) .  In addition to LAG and DCU, she has  the Dynamo, Red Bulls, Whitecaps, Sounders, Fire, and RSL.   If you are a Sounders woman… she has EVERYTHING including Sounders logo jeans.    MLS options can be found here

I hope that she quickly expands her line to include all of the teams and more varied designs for all the teams.  [She also has a ton of designs for other teams in most other sports and some really cute, pro-female fan shirts]. They can be found for sale here: