Klinnsman’s Latin Flavor… The Rise of Latino-American Generation

NOTE: this developed from a question in response to the E Pluribus Unum post.  I answered there and decided to develop it more here. 


While it is true we are all focused on the duel passport-holders because of their prominence in the World Cup Squad, the true development of our nationals’ teams future lies in two areas: getting more urban youth involvement in the game and more young Latino/a players who are willing to commit t to playing for the US National Teams.

For the moment, I am going to focus on the rise of Latino generation.  This is always less of an issue for the women’s team offers unique opportunities for female players, so it is primarily the focus of the USMNT.

Klinnsman’s World Cup squad features at least three players of Hispanic ancestry: Omar Gonzales, Ale Bedoya, and Nick Rimando; additionally Joe Corona went to camp; and Liga MX based defender DMB will most likely start.   He has regularly called up Herc Gomez in Qualifying but since he did not play regularly for the Xolo and was actually just loaned out to Tigres, he was not a viable option for the Cup squad.

Where the real push to bring in Hispanic-America players is at the U-21 (and younger)  team level.  USSF/Klinnys seem heavily invested in developing young talent born in America, who could be/are duel passport holders with Mexico especially.

The first ever Under-21 Camp was held last April 20-24 at the National Training Session at Carson, CA.  Of the 21 players called-up, according to MLSsoccer.net’s Scott French, nearly half the member called up were  Hispanic-Americans (10 of 21).  Because it did not fall on a FIFA calendar date, the camp only had MLS and Liga MX players.  What is the U-21 version of Camp Cupcake?  Camp Mini-Cupcake?  Camp Cupcake Bite?

The Hispanic-American players include Benji Joya, Juan Pablo Ocegueda, Oscar Sorto, Alejandro Guido, Stevie Rodriguez, Daniel Cuevas, Danny Garcia, Victor Pineda, Jose Villarreal, and Luis Gil who had to pull out with an injury.  Players like Juan Agudelo Julian Green, John Brooks, Josh Gatt, etc were not called in as they are in Europe and clubs were not required to release them.

The team is lead by Tab Ramos, but as tech director Klinnsman would oversee/dictate style and player targeting.   At the time of the camp announcement, Ramos gave an interview to US Soccer.com discussing the plans for the camp and the U-21 team.  “One of the things that is important for us that we wanted to do is get the Olympic-aged players, which is the ’93s this year – and it happens to be an Under-21 – we wanted to get them involved as close as possible with the first-team staff.”

The Mexican-American players in the USSF pool are for the most part very young.  The option of actively choosing to play for the US over Mexico is very much a new thing with this young generation. Often it was players before who were not considered good enough to play for Mexico, who ended up playing for the US as fallback position.

It is clear that USSF and Klinnsman as technical director has a longterm vision that is being implemented in a methodical way.  While it is true the draw, changed everything and sped up certain aspects of the planning.  The long term, structural plan remains in place and continues to be built, brick, by brick and yes those Hispanic-American players are a huge part of that development.


30 Man Camp List – I DON’T HATE (ALL OF) IT

30 Man Camp List - I DON'T HATE (ALL OF) IT

My super quick thoughts

GKs: literally the least surprising thing in the history of the world cup call-ups

Defenders: For the most part, I’m fine with it, but

Timmy Chandler? Does no one remember TImmy’s USMNT past.. I still wake up screaming in terror. Thrilled for Yadlin and Parkhurst though

MIDFIELD: JULIAN GREEN a midfielder? OK then.. I’m good with that; Joe Beers is a nice option for camp..

Forwards: LD a forward (good easier to cut since he is still not scoring); the other 4 look solid but will sob for my beloved Wondo not making the cut.. that LD instead of him enrages me.. FLIPPING HELL I LOOKED SO FAST I MISSED MY BELOVED WONDO! WAHOO!. ALSO TBOYD MADE THE CUT!!!

For the most part, I like it a lot. It is progressive with a mix of vets and next gen players who can learn about the experiences of the world cup in prep for 2018 and 2022

List courtesy of US SOCCER


He told me also this morning that he had some issues with his left knee. But he didn’t train well. He had no tempo in his training sessions. He had no higher pace, higher rhythm. He didn’t take people on.

At the end of the day, he knows that I make the decisions, and I make the decisions based on what I’m telling him,” Klinsmann said. “So it’s all good. He took it very positively, and he said ‘I’m ready coming off the bench at halftime or whenever you need me’.


This is what USMNT Klinnsman said about former US Soccer Golden Boy Landon Donovan last month.

I’ve been saying for weeks on twitter that I don’t think he makes the final cut and EVERYONE has disagreed with me.

And then the Twitter trolls went trolly.  Apparently I do not understand and am a “fucking stupid bitch” (which was deleted after posting) because I am actually capable putting assumptions aside and looking at the evidence clearly.


If I was not convinced before, last night’s 60 Minutes on Sports was absolute confirmation.  It was also a hatchet job on  Donovan..  Klinnys and 60 Minutes Journalist Sharyn Alfonsi discuss and then dismiss his form WHILE WATCHING HIM AT A GALAXY GAME in APRIL [making no mention of watching Omar as well].  Keep in mind these were comments made when he had TWO assists in that match (it was the Classico).  He also missed multiple golden chances to break the MLS all-time scoring record. Klinnsman then said when asked if he would have ever taken a sabbatical while playing and he said that he would have been been kicked off whatever team he was on if he tried.

JK says point blank that reputation/experience/gold boy status mean nothing to him and to the final 23.   He did not directly say it as related to Landon but it was part of the Landon hatch section. The full segment featured interviews with three of JK’S self-described “core” players: Jozy, Timmy and Clint.  Landon was not interviewed at all.

Combine all this with this Landon’s embarrassing, at this point, goal drought and it makes for a pretty easy assumption.  No Landon in Brazil.  He tied Cuttingham as  the MLS All-time leading scorer on October 6, 2013.  HE HAS NOT SCORED SINCE THEN. By my count, the drought is currently 19 matches (10 league matches to break the record; 2 MLS play-offs, 2 USMNT, 2 CONCACAF CL matches, and 3 pre-season friendlies).   He has missed too many to count easy opportunities.

Additionally, US Soccer as a brand has moved on from him being the face of it.    I just do not see any way he makes the final cut

ETA – I assumed people realized that this Landon  and Klinnsman thing went back years since Jurgan coached him in his last failed attempt in Germany at Bayern in 2009.  For those that do not. This is JK’s second management of Landon

USSF Lines Up Sacrificial Lambs for Post Fiasco in Brazil Slaughter



US v. Germany now with even more Germans

In another move proving US Soccer Federation has moved past the impending disaster in the Amazon and straight on to 2018, the Coaching staff has been shifted around, new ones brought in and others moved.

Berti Vogts has been named, “Special Advisor,” to Klinnsy specifically for Brazil.  He will also remain head coach of Azerbaijan through out including the USMNT tune-up match versus them in May.  Per the US Soccer Release,  “his role as Special Advisor, Vogts will aid in the development of training plans, help prepare scouting reports, and travel to observe matches of the USA’s opponents in the lead-up to the tournament and in Brazil.”

In other words, MEET US SOCCER’S 2014 WORLD CUP FAILURE FALL GUY.  The guy leading the prep work will take the fall for his boy [he was JK’s coach] and not cost him anything.  Well played Sunil, well played

They are also bringing in Tab Ramos, formally U.S. Soccer Youth Technical Director and Under-20 Men’s National Team head coach, as a new senior team coach… which makes perfect sense because the core of the 2018 will be his boys.  He can also escape any blood lust as he was not around building this team.  He was tasked with preparing the next team.  He came at the last minute and to make the little ones feel more at home.

This combined with the Julian Greene signing/playing deal from last week and we have ourselves a full 2018 prep team.

Klinnsy’s faithful No. 2 Martin Vasquez is “transitioning.. to other responsibilities within U.S. Soccer.”

READ OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE when this all goes bad.  He is not leaving US Soccer just moving out of the shrapnel spray zone for his own safely.  He’ll be back in August I am guessing.

You add these moves to the well documented previous moves of USSF:

  • Klinnys contract extended without any requirements to succeed in Brazil and agreed SIX DAYS AFTER the draw
  • The world’s most forgettable jerseys, clearly shirts Nike had lying around in warehouses
  • First 2018 camp match – Ukraine IT WAS EVEN AGAINST LOCAL TEAM (under Putin’s way of thinking)
  • The List of sendoff match nations:  Azerbaijan,Turkey & Nigeria

WELCOME TO 2018, we all mine as well just slip past Brazil, like it never happened. US Soccer already has.


JK Playing FIFA ’14 with USMNT

USMNT coach Jurgan, who’s son committed to playing college soccer at Cal yesterday, is talking about the fear that American players have, basically an European inferiority complex individually.  He is not wrong…  Alexi thinks JK is but I do not.

As an American collective, yeah they believe they can overcome the odds, etc: brothers-in-arms; underdogs win; never-give-up/never-give-in; ‘Mercia. But individually there is not a single American [outfield] players who believes they are elite of the elite.  They still watch in revered fandom of the elite players, not as equals admiring a colleague’s work but as fanboys is awed exultation.

Now do not get me wrong, in addition to the belief factor, there is the still lack of equal technical skills and lack of ingrained soccer brain, which plays heavily into the inferiority complex. [Note talent and skills are NOT the same thing… they are not even in the same state]  Those are not deal-breakers if you can fake until you fake is that ridiculously awful cliche says.  Combine those with an admission even to just yourself you cannot make it; you never will however.

Klinnsy discusses moving USMNT player to Champions League teams because only there will they get better both with their skills and their egos.  He discusses moving Jozy, “or No. 9” to a champions league side, but Jozy is not playing a traditional No. 9 role at Sunderland now.  He is assisting and playing decoy as opposed to scoring.  Now I believe Jozy has the talent and killer instinct without question be playing on the biggest stages but is he mentally tough enough?  That has always been the issue with him. His head gets in his way a lot.

He also mentions sending St. Timmy of the Sticks to a “Big, Big Club” which will no doubt infuriate the Evertonians and belittles their efforts this season.  It also ignores his Man United in the glory years issues.  Sir Alex selling him after bring in Edwin van der Saar because of a bad spell St. Timmy had.  That one even sir Alex acknowledges was a confidence thing.

St. Timmy should be playing Champions League so should Baby Bradley but I cannot even talk about that right now..

Looking at the future prospects, I’m not sure who is coming up… Maybe Agudelo can change the game.. he does seem requisitely talented and arrogant