Arsenal Players Kick Homophobia out of Soccer with Awesome Results

I know that I have been totally and completely AWOL but my post-WC burnout is always long.,..  I am now ready to fully resume granting you all my personal take on this, our beautiful game.

First up is the Rainbow Laces Campaign welcoming and supporting the LGBT community in soccer.  It is PERFECT


LA Gunners — Not as Far Fetched as Assumed

There was a story floated today from the notoriously unreliable UK tab, Metro that Arsenal/Rapids owner Stan Kroenke wants to bring a new MLS team to LA called, “LA Gunners” after his big gun.

Instantly poo-pooed by MLS based, “media” as absurd because they instantly thought that meant a 3rd team in LA.  It does not mean that at all..   All he has to do is buy Chivas USA and rebrand it, no 3rd team needed.. only taking control of the second team.

The Metro article and EVERY US based journalist (I saw) misses a HUGE point in favor of this story being plausible.  Kroenke just bought a massive [read stadium sized] plot of choice real estate in super-hot Downtown LA.  He has admitted that it could be an NFL stadium space for his now St. Louis based, but formally LA based Rams.  It would not be hard to include a SSS in that  prime location.

*Also as owner of a MLS team and a Prem League team, his investments will lose marketing power in the US with City’s combined and coordinated team approach starting in 2015. It would make sense that he would want to same level of cross promotion for his prem club. I understand he already owns the Rapids, but rebranding that in LA Gunners would get a lot of push-back from fans. 

Do I think it is likely?  No.  Do I think it is possible?  Absolutely.   If he wants a NFL team in LA, an MLS might be a way to get into the AEG dominated LA sports landscape quickly.


*updated with City point