Too Much Life… Too Much Soccer news

My work life has been insane, not busy insane as much as plot of a law firm drama insane… Seriously, it has been nuts to amazing levels and I have been busy as hell..  I cannot share sadly but some day….

Because of this chaos, I have only been able to watch everything happening in the beautiful game.  I have not had time to blog during the day and by the time, I get home at night, I walk to dogs and crash for the night.

Now that said, the game has made me cry repeatedly, so sad tears and any happy ones.  Goddess Loretta Lynch handling shit like the Boss she is; Sepp winning re-election, defiantly, triumphantly promising to clean up FIFA, almost choking on the cracker I was eating when he said it.  Five days later, resigning… the stream of tears down my face left me puffy and blotchy the rest of the day.

I have yet to read the full indictment and blazer’s testimony, but I have them printed out and sitting next to me. I have read Blazer’s Order of Forfeiture which was damning. He is/was required to turn over $1,958,092.72, yes that is almost $2 million, “which represents a portion of the monies that defendant [Blazer] received from bribes, kickbacks and unauthorized World Cup Ticket Sales.”   He was also required to forfeit a second as yet undetermined amount.

Of all of it though I feel most bad for the Irish fans who discovered their own government bod betrayed them for FIFA cash. It might be legal but ethically, there is no justification.

Yesterday, I cried because Pirlo cried and no one ever wants to see that… My bb may be coming to MLS which scares me as ever.  People, even experts, have no idea what he actually does or how he does it so they judge him harshly and ignorantly.. You talk shit about his game.. you and I will be having a conversation and it will not go well for you.

All of that said and because of all of this madness, I have been able to avoid processing THE WORLD CUP IS HERE..  HOLY FLIPPING HELL…. THE WORLD CUP IS HERE..


In Honor of Prince Pirlo’s 35th BDay Today.. There are amazing videos of Pirlo being Pirlo

DRUNK OFF HIS ASS at the Juve Bus Parade celebrating his 3rd Scudetto in a row after being declared too old/useless by Milan...  Also he is DRUNK OFF HIS ASS

and Juve Sponsor, Jeep Released a Series of Ads Entitled, “PIRLO THE WIZARD” showing of his freekick talents..


Plus his book remains at number one on’s (USA) Football Bestsellers’ List which is impressive for two reasons:  Capture

(A)  they put soccer and american football on the same list, so he is beating Football books

(B)  He doesn’t actually have a publisher in the US , so it is all off kindle downloads. For example, my hard copy of the book had to be imported from the UK and doesn’t count on that list


Pirlo Pops Exist… I REPEAT PIRLO POPS EXIST and for Charity Too

Pirlo Pops Exist...  I REPEAT PIRLO POPS EXIST and for Charity Too

Kellogg teamed up with Italian charity Dottor Sorriso (Doctor Smiles) and my Boo Pirlo to bring professional clowns to visit pediatric wards around Italy.

Through purchases of specially marked Pirlo IN A CLOWN NOSE boxes of Kellogg’s cereal , they are hoping to donate 1000 days of clown visits.  For more info (in Italian): Kellogg Website and the Dottor Sorriso

Someone in Italy needs to hook me up with these amazing breakfast items.

Also note:  there are many Pirlo Pot related jokes to make here but kids are involved so I will refrain.

Capture2 Capture3 CaptureCapture5

Thanks to BeardedFC for the info.