Julian Green Following DaMarcus Beasley.. The Past, present and future… we are going to be fine

To My Beloved USMNT

Thank you for going above and beyond any and all expectations.  For not only surviving but thriving under the worst World Cup conditions, with travel, temps, and a deathly group of opponents.

Thank you for uniting yourselves as one team, uniting America in soccer madness and for uniting the world into believing WE ARE A SOCCER NATION AND CAN PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS BECAUSE ARE ARE THE BIG BOYS.

Mostly thank you for overachieving and doing with style, grace and gritty Americaness… For that, we are all grateful.

No one gave you a chance, even to your face.  I didn’t either but I saw the potential in what this squad could be and why it is the right team.  I still do but now so does everyone else.

USSF did not believe it was possible to get out of the group after the draw; so it gave Jugan a contract extension and free reign to do whatever he wanted.  He wanted the 23 of you.

Some of you guys individually suffered attacks on your, “Americaness,” or patriotism and responded by sacrificing your hearts, souls and even your blood.

Some you guys were condemned because you were not a, “superstar,” or the traditional, “face of US Soccer.”  No, you’re not the, “traditional American soccer,” anything, you are just the real face of America: dedicated, hard working, with the “never giving up, never giving in & always give your all,” united, fair, who represent all Americans, white, black, Hispanic, Native American, and mixes.

You have given us your all, time and time again..  and this one time gave way more than ANYONE expected or believed you could. You left every part of you on the pitch in the fight to advance for that we all win.

A Special Thank You to those that have already dedicated so much to the programs..

To RUN DMB and his 4 World Cups which was foolishly and inexcusable ignored in favor of  bitching about one who didn’t go and honestly, wasn’t missed.

To St. Timmy of the Sticks, You are America.. You are simply the face of American Soccer: tats, smiles and hands and all..

Thanks Klinnsy.  You did what you had to do and got this team to do more than anyone thought was possible.  Lord I was not pleased at your selection but I was catastrophically wrong. I apologize.

Thank you Sunil and USSF for letting Klinnsy do what needed to be done and paying the bills.. oh and marketing your asses off.. [I EXPECTED SIMILAR TREATMENT FOR THE LADIES NEXT SUMMER FYI]

Now to the rest of your…..

Chris Wondo tweeted this last night..

That is America right there… “I screwed up,” (a debatable point if he or the linesman screwed up), “I take responsibility and I am sorry.”   There is no, “superstar,” ego there.  Just honesty and passion.

Like every other minute of this team’s time together.. his boys have his back.

That is what this team is… All Heart, All Soul, All In It Together..and ALL AMERICAN.

What they are is what they were at the start of last month a bunch of kids who needed to get experience and a group of Rudys who would teach them, not tactical lessons, but the intangibles about teamwork, spirit, discipline, mental focus and desire.

We leave this team a month later who new faces of US Soccer, a future of unparalleled talent: Julian is 19, DeAndre Yeddlin is 20, John Brooks is 21.  We are going to be fine.. soccer-wise. Just fine and the world better be ready…

What could have gone better in this Cup run.. honestly, literally nothing.. a loss to Belgium on a last minute brilliant kicksave but arguably the top keeper in the world is best way to go out..  After beating death all that was left was potentially getting crushed by Argentina, which does not help grow the program at all

The Belgium game was perfect way to establish the future..

Fabian goes down, and Yedlinny (that was Jules calls him but he needs something better) goes in and man’s up. He happened the pressure, the responsibility like a pro. He made some mistakes but so did everyone else.

Julian, who god knows I think that there were 5 of us including Klinnsy, Julian’s dad and me that were happy he was on the team in the first place.  The amount of hate/trolly tweets about him coming on were astronomical.  I just kept saying what I am saying here, “The Future is Now” and he handled the pressure fairly well or spectacularly.   That goal was pretty, so, so, so pretty and his first touch in a WORLD CUP.

Between Now and Russia 2018.. we have 2 Gold Cups (2015 & 2017), possible ConFed Cup play-off match, ConFed Cup, Olympics and Copa America 2016 on the Calendar.  [Plus Women’s team matches]..

If you jumped the bandwagon, grab one of the newly empty seats and get comfy because it will only get better from here.


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