FIFA Does Bad-Ass, Pro-Feminist(y) Things.. I Get Super Conflicted About Them Again

Football is a powerful means of enabling women to fulfil their potential both in sport, and in society. No woman should be subject to discrimination, abuse or disadvantage because of her gender. Football will be a leader in carrying this message to the world

This is a new governing principle of FIFA.  Seriously, it is..  Actually in paper on FIFA letterhead and everything.

64th FIFA Congress, Sao Paulo,  approved a 10 Point Women’s Football Principles, requiring the positive advancement of the women’s game AND WOMEN IN THE GAME at all levels.  The quote above is principle number 10.

Honestly the principles are EXACTLY what  I would have written myself if I were writing the 10 principles of the women’s game.

That are a legitimately fantastic guidepost to spread the women’s game and women in the game to all corners of the world and demand the treatment of female’s involved in the game as players, coaches, decision making roles and fans be with request and equality.

The second principle basically codifies US Title IX into international soccer’s core values.  As an American women, I am proud of this and the women and men who fought 41 years ago to get it first passed.

Once again that I do not hate FIFA feeling is creeping up again and once again, it is creeping me out a lot.  This is the same feeling after seeing Next Goal Wins and for the same reason.  It is the good but normally hidden side of FIFA.  Only FIFA would be able to hide doing great things for communities by being complete D-Bags to communities.

More impressive is this is not just a hollow resolution, FIFA voted to DOUBLE FUNDS FOR IT’S WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  Additionally women’s programs are also eligible for five fold increase in funds for equipment to needy programs.   They also call for more women in associates leadership roles, more female coaches, more promotion of the women’s game and other important steps to advance soccer.

[Note:  much like, the, “men’s,” game FIFA used the term, “women’s game,” to mean any program with females.  Girls like boys are also covered under, “youth development,” programs].

The entire list of principles is below…

And note, Sunil  FOCUS ON 4, 8 and 10..   USSF fails there often.    Also note principle one is what I have been saying all along. Women’s game is the last new revenue stream in the game.

here is the link to the Principles on FIFA’s website







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