McDonald’s Asks “Got FIFA World Cup Fever?” Proves Soccer has Arrived in America..



This is part of the front page of a McDonald’s website devoted to their peel and win  promotion around the World Cup.  Yes, they are a worldwide sponsor of the World Cup and are the, “official restaurant.”

This is not new globally but is a massive change from even just four years ago. They are spending 6 weeks of their promotional calendar year focused on tying their sales to the World Cup in America. The American campaign is not targeted toward solely Spanish speaking customers as has often happened and still does, (looking at you JiffyLube).

They are tying sale so their most famous items: Big Mac, Egg McMuffin (not with sausage), McNuggets, and Fries to win game pieces offering prizes from food items to US Soccer scarves to a trip to the Final.  Additionally they are bringing out specially designed packaging for it.  [is that Sir Alex?]





Nothing sends a clearer message that soccer is here than the Golden Arches seal of money making approval.    The contest starts June 10 and runs through July 21.  Their website can be found at

Additionally they have a soccer specific app available at the itunes and google play stores with a game called GOL! [AWESOMELY they used hot pink and purples too].  more information:


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