MEET DJAMEL HAIMOUDI.. The Algerian Man in the Middle of USA v. BEL


Assistant Referee 1:
Redouane ACHIK (MAR)

Assistant Referee 2:
Abdelhak ETCHIALI (ALG) 

Fourth official:
Norbert HAUATA (TAH) 


Dear Frat-Bros New to US Soccer, JUST STOP

I get many of you are new and this seems like a fun drunken frat party.  That’s great, have fun, drink-up, scream your lungs out for the guys and next year the women but stop being DBags, stop acting like entitled, assholes with no manners and no class.

No, it is not Supporting the US to tell a woman, any woman but especially one who survived domestic violence, that you wish her to be subjected to partner violence simply for expressing her support for another team.

A random sampling of tweets directed at Rihanna who was supporting Germany yesterday.  To be Clear, she has LONG supported both Germany and Cristiano Ronaldo.  They are not new, anti-American things even if they were… NONE OF THESE TWEETS ARE ACCEPTABLE in any way.

This is just a few of them…  seriously there are MANY, MANY, MANY more.

I will ask the obvious question… WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU BASTARDS?  Do you think you’re being funny?  Clever? Original? You are none of those things, nor are you being good US fans or for that matter, good people. You’re simply being vile assholes who’s families should be ashamed of them as should all of us, true US fans.

And while were on the subject of being vile while supporting the US against Germany.  Your oh so cleverly, original Nazi slams, yeah, they were neither either.


This is twitter’s use statistics for the term, “Nazi” during the US v. Germany match yesterday per Deadspin.  See, you were not being clever or original just joining a mass pool of newbie douchebaggary.   And No saying, “nazi,” instead of, “not see,” is not any more clever or less offensive.

Yesterday I called someone a “Nazi commi bastard” for not believing in the #USMNT #IBelieveThatWeWillWin #noregrets #WorldCup2014

That USMNT you’re cheering for..  5 players are German-American, raised in Germany and it is a big part of who they are, as is that of so suddenly awesome head coach. You are insulating your own team dumbasses. Clever?

Simply because someone is German, for example Jurgan Kllinnsman, does not make him a Nazi.   It is highly offensive, inaccurate and reeks of antisemitism and xenophobia.   To equate ANYONE with the planned, organized and carried out mass extermination of millions of people is simply beyond the scope of common decency.

Stop being stupid and vile…   Sincerely Me and True US fans every

SoccHer’s Queen Helena Costa Walks Away from Clermont Foot.. Earns Even More Respect

Conférence de presse – Helena Costa – 24 juin 2014 by clermontfoot

This is the press conference should have been First Female Manager Helena Costa’s post-exit press conference.

She said that it is her decision but rumors persist that the President refused to back her against the Technical Director. However, she handled it in a dignified and respectful manner, while refusing to tarnish the name of the club.


No idea how to Process today..

Honestly, I have no idea how to process today.  As I posted on Facebook at the start of the Cup, “a note to my non-soccer followers.. the next 35 days are going to be an emotional mess of ranting, cursing, crying and sharing. Be Prepared.”

It is true..  My diet at this point consists of brown rice and water, everything else I stress vomit up.   This happens before all World Cup matches.  Today I doubt that I will even try to eat that before the match.  There is the possibility that I will stress eat a ton during the match.

Since the draw, I have understood what USSF understood:  We were screwed.  My brackets reflected honesty. I had has drawing every match.  I refused to pick a loss and knew wins were impossible.  I forced myself to to believe, refused to get emotionally invested in this Cup. I understand it what this team is and I wholeheartedly support this plan.

Then I was filling out a bracket for @MLSist   quickly in the morning of June 6th before rushing out the door for work.  I wasn’t even paying attention when it it hit me. This is sort of my mental progression…



Yeah I called the ESP upset.. 



2 days short of 5 years later and I have the exact same feeling..  Hope is a horrible thing especially because I have no idea how deal with it.  My rational, logical, analytical brain continually fights with my emotional,  metaphysical (for lack of a better word) side.  I cannot let go of the reality of the situation but the gut-feeling for which there is no logical explanation has an equal pull.

As we enter match day of two game day and we are already in control of our knock-out round destiny.  That is simply mind-boggling given the realities going into this World Cup.  What I realized watching the send-off series is this, not sure these kid know how to lose. They find ways to pull out wins when God knows they should not.   It is always better to be luck then good..  ALWAYS.

Given all this fighting in my head, I cannot process today..  

FIFA Does Bad-Ass, Pro-Feminist(y) Things.. I Get Super Conflicted About Them Again

Football is a powerful means of enabling women to fulfil their potential both in sport, and in society. No woman should be subject to discrimination, abuse or disadvantage because of her gender. Football will be a leader in carrying this message to the world

This is a new governing principle of FIFA.  Seriously, it is..  Actually in paper on FIFA letterhead and everything.

64th FIFA Congress, Sao Paulo,  approved a 10 Point Women’s Football Principles, requiring the positive advancement of the women’s game AND WOMEN IN THE GAME at all levels.  The quote above is principle number 10.

Honestly the principles are EXACTLY what  I would have written myself if I were writing the 10 principles of the women’s game.

That are a legitimately fantastic guidepost to spread the women’s game and women in the game to all corners of the world and demand the treatment of female’s involved in the game as players, coaches, decision making roles and fans be with request and equality.

The second principle basically codifies US Title IX into international soccer’s core values.  As an American women, I am proud of this and the women and men who fought 41 years ago to get it first passed.

Once again that I do not hate FIFA feeling is creeping up again and once again, it is creeping me out a lot.  This is the same feeling after seeing Next Goal Wins and for the same reason.  It is the good but normally hidden side of FIFA.  Only FIFA would be able to hide doing great things for communities by being complete D-Bags to communities.

More impressive is this is not just a hollow resolution, FIFA voted to DOUBLE FUNDS FOR IT’S WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  Additionally women’s programs are also eligible for five fold increase in funds for equipment to needy programs.   They also call for more women in associates leadership roles, more female coaches, more promotion of the women’s game and other important steps to advance soccer.

[Note:  much like, the, “men’s,” game FIFA used the term, “women’s game,” to mean any program with females.  Girls like boys are also covered under, “youth development,” programs].

The entire list of principles is below…

And note, Sunil  FOCUS ON 4, 8 and 10..   USSF fails there often.    Also note principle one is what I have been saying all along. Women’s game is the last new revenue stream in the game.

here is the link to the Principles on FIFA’s website