#YesAllWomen – US Soccer FINALLY Licenses Female Fan Appeal Option FAILS HARDEST YET [also Hubris]

#YesAllWomen - US Soccer FINALLY Licenses Female Fan Appeal Option FAILS HARDEST YET [also Hubris]

Apparently, US Soccer has released a female fan appeal option at Forever 21.. I have seen it, tried it on and let me just say I will supply the matches for the metaphorical scorching of the US Soccer House covered Earth.

Also met Hubris and let’s just say, we cannot be friends. I got what I asked for, well not even a little bit. I asked for female fan apparel options that did not SEXUALIZE female fans.

Instead US Soccer doubled-down on misogyny and sexism in fan support and worst of all they aimed it at young girls.

They ONLY female fan option is a t-shirt style top, with arms and sides cut out down to the bottom which is midriff bearing. It exposes a female’s entire chest and back, breasts on display for days. You can see from the picture, it is basically just a bib.  Guys still get fully made shirt options (and they also get options, as in plural, MORE THAN ONE and none are sexualized)

So girls and women either wear this with a bra (sports one, more safely) and it being exposed or wear something under it like a tank. Yeah, it’s a bib. Because it is a heavy t-shirt fabric, it couldn’t even really be used as a bathing suit cover-up.

What is most disturbing is that this sexist, male fantasy non-sense is being marketed (badly admittedly) to younger girls.   They are being told if you want to be a fan of US Soccer, the team of Mia, Julie, Brandi, Kristine, Abby, HAO, Carli, Alex, Syd, Hope, and Tobin, etc, etc in addition to the boys, that you can only do it in an overly sexualized state.  

Yes these clothes and this marketing is about the World Cup which starts in days but they will not magically disappear like Cinderella’s slippers.. It will still be there in Oct when the women start their own World Cup Qualifying campaign.

There are some women and girls may very well like this, especially for a gym workout wear. It is not really wearing outside the gym appropriate. The fact that it is the ONLY option for female fans is insulting.

Yes, I know that there female jerseys this cycle and possibly some t-shirts from Nike but every single, one that I have ever tied has clearly been a mismarked XL youth or smaller male. They are not cut for female bodies.

Why is US Soccer continuing to teach girls that their only fandom options are as accessories to the men in their lives or sexualized fantasies for general male fans or as mom.


How hard it is to come up with a non-sexualized, properly designed clothing items to sell to 40+% percent of your market? Seriously, YOU ARE DISMISSING AND DISRESPECTING OVER 40% of your customers.

SUNIL, sweetie, you are an economist… how does that usually go in business?

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