Oh Today… You Delivered on Every Level..

Today has been a great day for me.. My faith in humanity restored… No not Donovan’s dismissal from camp.

I lost my wallet the other day and I went to the bank today without any idea to get new cards.  They banker felt bad for me and agreed to help me by verifying my account in many other ways.  As he was doing whatever bankers do on their computers to hook me with new cards (I lose them A LOT), he noticed a not on my account saying that my wallet was found, went to the bank to let them know it was safe and he wanted leave a way for me to contact him to get it back.

I did..  It had all my cards and my cash still in it.  This man has re-instilled my faith that people are generally good.  Now I can head to Candlestick Park without card drama (I hope).

That brings me to my BOLD PREDICTION being well, correct and the drama it caused today.  My god boys, especially who are “soccer experts,” are all a little bitter and bratty about being so publicly wrong.  I pretty much spent the afternoon taking a victory lap around the internet.  After the namecalling, belittling, trolling that I got for saying he wasn’t going in the first place, I have earned a few hours of gloating, “I told you so.”  It is not like ANYONE else had it figured out until both Klinnsman and Donovan pretty much threw it down as fact over the last few days.  Even then, the level of shock is mind-boggling.


The level of sheer stupid comments that I have heard today are staggering from both strangely sycophantic fanboys and from “professional media,” who quote cannot understand how this happens or who anyone could believe all team decisions are focused first on 2018.  FOR THE RECORD, IT IS BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE USSF IS DOING JUST THAT HAS BEEN CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR MONTHS.

Even funnier than the utter shock is those who flatout dismissed the idea of Donovan not going now ginning up new analysis like they did not just have their credibility publicly beatdown.  Give it a minute, dudes..

As for the final 23… Brad Evans won the world cup and didn’t even make the plane.  Well played BRAD Well played.

I am heartbroken that TBoyd will not make the first cut but I believe that he is the first call when anyone gets injured, even one of the GK. That’s the cut that hurt the most to me..  this whole, “well they will call in Donovan when someone gets injured” NO THEY WON’T.. They will call in TBoyd, THEY BETTER CALL IN TBOYD..

As for the absurd notion that somehow, USSF and Klinnsman will care that fans are pissed in laughable.  Sunil, Jurgen and the crew knew this was coming and have been actively severing the Donovan = US Soccer image.  They are prepared for a backlash.  They know fans will be furious but they are not walking away from the team.

This is the biggest sign of the growth of US SOCCER, cutting anchors to the past in favor of sailing into the future…

NOW if you could stop being sexist dumbasses that’d be great.. thanks



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