US Soccer’s Latest Fiasco… Misogynist (& Mansplaining Extraordinaire) Lupe Fiasco Named Musical Director

At this point… CAN EVERYONE sans General Manager Pam Perkins BE FIRED?  Just go all scorched Earth on U.S. Soccer House?  

Somehow in an attempt to be awesome and FAILING super hard, US Soccer named Lupe Fiasco Musical Director.

Yes, he of the hugely controversial and highly sexist single, Bad Bitch.  The One where he blamed women for being called bitches and then attempts to define for us women what is proper in our behavior.. Basically demanding that women acquiesce to traditional stereotyped roles sexuality and gender:  BEING MOM… Literally HE SAYS THAT: “Bitch bad, woman good, lady better, greatest motherhood.”   We should want NOTHING ELSE.

Also these are some quality pro-women lyrics:

He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that sexually
She got the wrong idea, he don’t wanna fuck her
He thinks she’s bad at being a bitch like his mother


I can respect the idea of starting a dialogue on the use of the term, “bitch,” and its consequences.  It is important.

However, I cannot be ok with it being started by someone for whom the term is not applied to and suffers none of those consequences.  Or by someone who seeks to define exactly what is acceptable female behavior.  I really do not need to be sexistly mansplained about gender discrimination and bias.  It is about as appropriate as me as a well-educated, upper-income white person demanding a dialogue on the “N-word,” in African-American culture. It’s a non-starter.

For the record, I love the term, “Bitch,” because I understand what it means, especially when males direct it towards me.  It means I don’t fit into their stereotyped, gender  box.  I don’t sit quietly back and accept my assumed role as less than a man; hiding my opinions and downcasting my ambition because it might hurt an ego or two.  I wear being called a, “bitch,” as a badge of honor because it means I do not conform to a convention to which I do not subscribe.  I know that when I am referred to as a, “bitch,” in a debate/discussion, I’ve won it.  There is nothing left factually or intellectually for the person to base their opinion so they just start attacking me personally.  I generally just respond, “yes I am thank you.”  It is something Lupe Fiasco does not understand at all..

I, sure as hell, do not want him or anyone else, defining for me or for any other women what is acceptable life achievements and goals.   We can actually accomplish more than be baby-making machines.  We can be rappers (well not me because as my beloved ex says I am the, “rhythemless nation.”), we can be soccer players, we can be scientists and we can be sports fans too.

US Soccer as the governing body of tens of thousands of females who participate in this game should be appalled by this message of telling young girls that the only way to be the best is by breeding.  WTF?


3 thoughts on “US Soccer’s Latest Fiasco… Misogynist (& Mansplaining Extraordinaire) Lupe Fiasco Named Musical Director

    • Articulate, analytically.. thank you for your impressively well thought out and reasoned reply. I appreciate your efforts.

      Also a heartfelt thanks for the advice but I no I will continue to voice my opinions when and how I see fit.

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