Budweiser Gets It and Female Fans Thank Them

Yes, I know the ad is a couple of months old but it is starting to get more ad-time. And in light of the fiasco that is ESPN’S marketing campaign, this needs a lot of celebration and thanks for recognizing females can just be fans.

Sure they covered the carnival aspects of Brazil but tastefully and balanced it with other images of women and men showcasing fandom and Brazil as more than, “Sex Party SoAm.”

Additionally, their Rise As One campaign has been sleek, fantastic and INCLUSIVE of all types of cultures, matches and fans. They produced a fantastic 6 part documentary which covered among other topics racism directed toward members of the 1998 French National Team; a Brazilian friendly in to raise money and spirits post earthquake in Haiti and the importance of the Japanese Women’s World Cup win after the earthquake in Japan.

On their website, they also have several essays from males and female writers covering the different ways soccer and those involved at all levels make the world a better, smaller and more joyous place. Do yourself a favor, spend some time there reading the stories and watching videos.  There is a trailer for the Rise One Docs included.   THIS IS THE LINK, PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST BE 18 to ENTER IN THE US

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