US Soccer Licenses Collection at Forever 21.. Somehow manages to screw up potential Awesomeness


When I got this  RTed from the AO Houston into my twitter TL,  I was literally GIDDY… bouncing off the walls GIDDY. The tweet said, “Ladies AND men– hit up your local . They have a huge section of World Cup shirts, hats, tanks, scarves, etc” and it had a pic of OFFICIALLY logo-ed US Soccer items.  My dream of cute US Soccer clothes for ladies was about to be a reality.

I very quickly walked my dogs, then drove over to the nearest location at Hollywood and Highland in record time.  I found the collection, right up front was instantly torn between excited that this existed and soul-crushing despair that US Soccer had once again screwed female fans.   I realized that only part of the collection was on display and the store was not sure if they would be getting the rest of the collection.  With that, I drove to not one, but two more stores.  Only one stocked the collection but the other one had almost the same exact items.

There are two licensed shirts… one tank and one football shirt… BOTH FOR GUYS..  SERIOUSLY THEY MADE A FLIPPING DEAL WITH FOREVER-FLIPPING-21 and IT’S FOR GUYS..  HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? 

Ladies gets hair bows..  SERIOUSLY LADIES GET HAIR BOWS, that’s it.  Scratch that those are generic US Flags not logoed items.    THERE IS NOTHING US SOCCER LOGOed FOR LADIES..  There are unisex scarves and hats however.   It is mindbogging that a chain where approximately 190000% of its sales are to females and USSF makes the licensing deal for the MEN’S line ONLY.  Sometimes WTF doesn’t quite cover it

I know; I KNOW, it is hard to find US Soccer logo items for guys. They only have the ENTIRE Nike US Soccer collection, including every item sold at matches.  Trust me.. I have more male US Soccer t-shirts than I can count.

Forever 21 also has 3 generic US Soccer t-shirts but not with USSF logo and not sure for which gender they are.. I only saw pictures online without item descriptions.  Only the generic tanktop for ladies was available in stores.

In addition to USSF, the collection as officially licensed items from Brazilian and French national teams as well as generic for those as well as Mexico, Spain, Italy, England and German items.

These are the pics of the collection I took last night and


Contrast this with the Victoria’S secret MLB collection which is adorable, fashionable, and allows women to proudly show their support without forced sexy, male driven fantasy attire.

WP_20140512_018 WP_20140512_017 WP_20140512_019


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