30 Man Camp List – I DON’T HATE (ALL OF) IT

30 Man Camp List - I DON'T HATE (ALL OF) IT

My super quick thoughts

GKs: literally the least surprising thing in the history of the world cup call-ups

Defenders: For the most part, I’m fine with it, but

Timmy Chandler? Does no one remember TImmy’s USMNT past.. I still wake up screaming in terror. Thrilled for Yadlin and Parkhurst though

MIDFIELD: JULIAN GREEN a midfielder? OK then.. I’m good with that; Joe Beers is a nice option for camp..

Forwards: LD a forward (good easier to cut since he is still not scoring); the other 4 look solid but will sob for my beloved Wondo not making the cut.. that LD instead of him enrages me.. FLIPPING HELL I LOOKED SO FAST I MISSED MY BELOVED WONDO! WAHOO!. ALSO TBOYD MADE THE CUT!!!

For the most part, I like it a lot. It is progressive with a mix of vets and next gen players who can learn about the experiences of the world cup in prep for 2018 and 2022

List courtesy of US SOCCER


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