He told me also this morning that he had some issues with his left knee. But he didn’t train well. He had no tempo in his training sessions. He had no higher pace, higher rhythm. He didn’t take people on.

At the end of the day, he knows that I make the decisions, and I make the decisions based on what I’m telling him,” Klinsmann said. “So it’s all good. He took it very positively, and he said ‘I’m ready coming off the bench at halftime or whenever you need me’.


This is what USMNT Klinnsman said about former US Soccer Golden Boy Landon Donovan last month.

I’ve been saying for weeks on twitter that I don’t think he makes the final cut and EVERYONE has disagreed with me.

And then the Twitter trolls went trolly.  Apparently I do not understand and am a “fucking stupid bitch” (which was deleted after posting) because I am actually capable putting assumptions aside and looking at the evidence clearly.


If I was not convinced before, last night’s 60 Minutes on Sports was absolute confirmation.  It was also a hatchet job on  Donovan..  Klinnys and 60 Minutes Journalist Sharyn Alfonsi discuss and then dismiss his form WHILE WATCHING HIM AT A GALAXY GAME in APRIL [making no mention of watching Omar as well].  Keep in mind these were comments made when he had TWO assists in that match (it was the Classico).  He also missed multiple golden chances to break the MLS all-time scoring record. Klinnsman then said when asked if he would have ever taken a sabbatical while playing and he said that he would have been been kicked off whatever team he was on if he tried.

JK says point blank that reputation/experience/gold boy status mean nothing to him and to the final 23.   He did not directly say it as related to Landon but it was part of the Landon hatch section. The full segment featured interviews with three of JK’S self-described “core” players: Jozy, Timmy and Clint.  Landon was not interviewed at all.

Combine all this with this Landon’s embarrassing, at this point, goal drought and it makes for a pretty easy assumption.  No Landon in Brazil.  He tied Cuttingham as  the MLS All-time leading scorer on October 6, 2013.  HE HAS NOT SCORED SINCE THEN. By my count, the drought is currently 19 matches (10 league matches to break the record; 2 MLS play-offs, 2 USMNT, 2 CONCACAF CL matches, and 3 pre-season friendlies).   He has missed too many to count easy opportunities.

Additionally, US Soccer as a brand has moved on from him being the face of it.    I just do not see any way he makes the final cut

ETA – I assumed people realized that this Landon  and Klinnsman thing went back years since Jurgan coached him in his last failed attempt in Germany at Bayern in 2009.  For those that do not. This is JK’s second management of Landon


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