Clermont Foot 63 Becomes My French Team.. Helena Costa Becomes Manager




Helena Costa will cause the Clermont Foot 63 next season.

Clermont Foot 63 chose his new coach in the person of Helena Costa, Portuguese 36 years.

 Helena Costa went through training Benfica, as well as the command of women’s teams Odivelas and selections Qatar and Iran, in addition to its collaboration with the Celtic Football Club as a recruiter.
This appointment must allow the Clermont Foot 63 to go into a new era, relying on a group of 17 players currently under contract, which will be added young players from the club.
Olivier Chavanon, enjoying a great experience and a deep knowledge of the club will have to be more present in the sport.
A presentation to the media and partners of the Club will be held in Clermont-Ferrand at the end of the season 2013/2014.

French Second Division French Team Clermont-Foot 63, named a 36 year-old women as their Manager next season, with that simple announcement,.   The 39 year-old Portugese manager has an impressive resume working with both male and female teams at all ages.  She is competent and deserves the opportunity to show what she can do.

According to L’Equipe:  Clermont Striker, Remy Dugimont said upon learning of her appointment,It ‘s good, it creates buzz. It will be a unique experience…I’m not macho! She has worked in the professional world with boys so she knows how it works . Nobody knew it , yes, but if it worked elsewhere , why it would not work here? At first, it is certain it will be a little weird but it only last a few days.”

Dugimont’s sentiments are echoed but  defender Anthony Lippini, who recalls,  “I was talking with my physiotherapist and we talked about the time when the first woman entered the army, a very macho environment … at first, it had to make an impact. But now, women in the army is spent in customs. This may be the same in football. I can not wait to return next season to discover it . I ‘m really curious. It will be a unique experience to be the first pro football to be directed by a woman France. C is good, it creates a buzz ! ”

It is awesome that these players are open to playing for a women and are excited to be the first players to do so.   It also proves Pia Sundhage  correct, when asked if she could coach men, responded, “Angela Merkel runs a whole fucking country.”


Also media and viewers, please keep comments to her management and professional skills…  LAY OFF THE, “SHE’S HOT,”BS.,  THANKS

UPDATED:  Sepp is again trying to get me to not hate him…  Congratulates Helena and Clermont 



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