USSF Lines Up Sacrificial Lambs for Post Fiasco in Brazil Slaughter



US v. Germany now with even more Germans

In another move proving US Soccer Federation has moved past the impending disaster in the Amazon and straight on to 2018, the Coaching staff has been shifted around, new ones brought in and others moved.

Berti Vogts has been named, “Special Advisor,” to Klinnsy specifically for Brazil.  He will also remain head coach of Azerbaijan through out including the USMNT tune-up match versus them in May.  Per the US Soccer Release,  “his role as Special Advisor, Vogts will aid in the development of training plans, help prepare scouting reports, and travel to observe matches of the USA’s opponents in the lead-up to the tournament and in Brazil.”

In other words, MEET US SOCCER’S 2014 WORLD CUP FAILURE FALL GUY.  The guy leading the prep work will take the fall for his boy [he was JK’s coach] and not cost him anything.  Well played Sunil, well played

They are also bringing in Tab Ramos, formally U.S. Soccer Youth Technical Director and Under-20 Men’s National Team head coach, as a new senior team coach… which makes perfect sense because the core of the 2018 will be his boys.  He can also escape any blood lust as he was not around building this team.  He was tasked with preparing the next team.  He came at the last minute and to make the little ones feel more at home.

This combined with the Julian Greene signing/playing deal from last week and we have ourselves a full 2018 prep team.

Klinnsy’s faithful No. 2 Martin Vasquez is “transitioning.. to other responsibilities within U.S. Soccer.”

READ OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE when this all goes bad.  He is not leaving US Soccer just moving out of the shrapnel spray zone for his own safely.  He’ll be back in August I am guessing.

You add these moves to the well documented previous moves of USSF:

  • Klinnys contract extended without any requirements to succeed in Brazil and agreed SIX DAYS AFTER the draw
  • The world’s most forgettable jerseys, clearly shirts Nike had lying around in warehouses
  • First 2018 camp match – Ukraine IT WAS EVEN AGAINST LOCAL TEAM (under Putin’s way of thinking)
  • The List of sendoff match nations:  Azerbaijan,Turkey & Nigeria

WELCOME TO 2018, we all mine as well just slip past Brazil, like it never happened. US Soccer already has.



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