I’m Not Talking About It…Oh USWNT WTF?


I could rant, oh could I rant but right now.. I am in utter shock and an unacceptable level of bad awe to actually do any eloquent and evocative analysis of the flipping mess that is this Algarve Cup insanity.

TWO FLIPPING LOSSES and not like, “wow that was a fluke” losses, full on ass-whipping losses and an ugly probably undeserved draw.

So help me if Hope starts her usual post-loss BS attacks on the ’91/’99ers..  Other teams are better yes, but then again so supposedly are you and your teammates.  That was simply as ass-whipping good old fashion, kind grandpas and grandmas lament not being able to administer anymore (or maybe just mine)..

Thankfully this is not a World Cup year..But if you are wondering it will be the first time in 14 years the US does not medal..  so there is that.

Yeah, that is all I can say on that…


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