I ended-up renewing my Galaxy season tickets, because spending the summer without my people is honestly unimaginable.  I love them all too much to not be with them this season.  It does not easy my conflict with supporting LA Galaxy or MLS, especially with the referee situation.

It should be noted that LA Galaxy staff spent over an hour one evening discussing my concerns for the club’s supporters groups and the front office’s reaction to them.  It was a interesting and informative discussion, but still waiting for the proposed changes offered.  No idea if they will make the changes or if it is was BS to get me re-up since many are not.    Only time will tell…

Actually I am considering getting a partial season ticket package to non-Chivas USA.  I can get like 7.5 matches for $60 or something ridiculous like that.  Now that there is some interest in developing the team, it might be fun to be a part of it.. unless it does become LA Gunners then hell no.

The LA Galaxy season opener starts in about 4 hours and I have no desire to go.. My grandparents each worked 40+ years as union members in a factory’s line.  It was a hard work but it allowed them to have 11 children between them and a happy retirement with good pension and the ability to live life at a level they earned.  My grandfather died several years but my grandmother’s pension is still supporting her.  I adore them more than anyone in the world and the idea of breaking the lockout line is breaking my heart.

It feel like a boldly disrespectful slap in the face to them and all that union membership has give to them and by extension my whole family.  We are simply a UNION FAMILY regardless of the fact that the vast majority of the grandkids including me are well educated and white-collar without union membership.

If the refs were on strike, it would be no question of me not going. I would be an automatic, “HELL NO,”  and right now it is leaning that way.  However, the ProRef organization has provided the scab refs while simultaneously having their members locked out.  THIS CONFUSES ME.

I am not certain of the proper response to a lock-out in this situation is. I have asked family members and social media as well researching the Union response to the NFL ref lock-out.  I learned NFL players are members of the AFL-CIO, but cannot find out about the refs. If the refs organization is still providing the referees does that mean that I my attendance would not be the equivalent of breaking a picket line?  I need an ask-a-union-member hotline and STAT.

I honestly do not know what to do.. but I know what MLS needs to do.. GET THEIR FLIPPING ASSES TGETHER AND GET THE DEAL DONE WITH THE REFS..


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