YESTERDAY SUCKED, if you are a US Fan.. Both Yin & Yang Betrayed..

I started writing this last night and then I got annoyed so I stopped.  Yesterday morning I woke up to last 15 or so minutes of the USWNT Algarve Cup Opener…  The Women have won this tournament a record 9 times, including last year.

I should start with, I am one of those USWNT that expects perfection.  They are the yang to the boys continual not quite good enough/disastrously awful yin. I have been watching them since before the 1996 Olympics. I cheered them on in stadiums at WWC 1999 and 2003.  I have seen them more times that I can count and will be seeing them in a few weeks in San Diego.

Every year, I look forward to the Algarve Cup, as a great and continual representation of the best female players in the world and more often then not, we look pretty good.  We have medaled 15 times in the 21 years of the tournament far more than any other nation.  We are the current defending champions.

The ladies look rusty and off their game.  Hope got burned on that Japanese equalizer badly and no please they gave up a late goal.   Japan look good but Dear God, GERMANY IS ALL OVER THIS.  They are still on European Championship form. Ballon d’Oro winner Nadine Angerer looks like she is making a run for her second too.  This is going to be a long and painful tournament.  The ladies need to get their collective asses together and their heads into the tournament.

Now the boys… THAT MATCH WAS ALWAYS JINXED.. what else is there to say?  How many ways did the universe need to tell USSF to just drop it.   We learned nothing form the match, all the hand wringing, meltdowning, drama means NOTHING.  It was a mess from go but it did tell JK anything about any of those players.

That said, I was tweeting: “Dear USMNT TIMMY IS GOING TO BRIZAL.. HE IS GOING, HE IS GOING… NONE OF THE REST OF YOU ARE GOING. HE IS GOING TO BRAZIL”  Again, we would we be without St. Timmy of the Sticks


2 thoughts on “YESTERDAY SUCKED, if you are a US Fan.. Both Yin & Yang Betrayed..

  1. Not too long ago I went on a random twitter rant about the USWNT and how they defiitely wont win the next two World Cups and will struggle in other competitions I got hate from people, oh well. Personally, I think Sermanni is the problem. I don’t have a solution to suggest, but dude is the problem. I hope they recover but I don’t see it happening soon. Smart money is Germany. Nice blog entry though.

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