The one member of the team guaranteed to still be around this time next year

The ways in which US Soccer has shown fans it does not believe we have a shot in hell of doing anything in Brazil this summer grows daily.

  • Klinnys contract extended without any requirements to succeed
  • The world’s most forgettable jerseys, clearly shirts Nike had lying around in warehouses
  • The Ukrainian fiasco… the more I think about it, more I think it was the first 2018 camp
  • Now the list of sendoff match nations:  Azerbaijan,Turkey & Nigeria

Countries participating in the World Cup who will already be in America for camp/matches include: Honduras, Bosnia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Ecuador, Greece, England, Spain and Portugal. But we are only playing one team heading to the World Cup, Nigeria and two teams which are nowhere near the level of competition the boys will face. I am not sure if you put the Azerbajian and Turkish teams together they would be half as good as Germany (after all Germany took Turkey’s best players).

So why not play the best to prepare? Because marquee matches against superstar teams like Spain are much more expensive than say playing Azerbaijan. I get that it is not worth the investment.

The US Soccer Federation play seems to be more and more evidence daily; put on a good show of trying in Brazil but don’t invest. The return on investment is not going to be worth it. Focus on 2018 and developing a new, young squad to compete.


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