We cannot hold …

We cannot hold the national championship so what kind of football can we talk of at all? If we do not have an opportunity to play on home soil, why shall we go to Cyprus in those troubled times for your country? We play for our people and country. Our team do not fly to Cyprus and stay at home

Ukrainian Football Federation President Anatoliy Konkov..  quote from Reuters via Yahoo Sports

I cannot blame him or his players… there is a time when soccer makes things better, but this is not one of those times.  When a team unites a nation at a core level, it is magic but when it cannot, it should be placed in a secondary role.

The people of the Ukraine like all other people deserve the freedom and peace at allows for play games and be engulfed in the glory of sports.

The USMNT just got an extra few days of camp bonding..  100 days to the Kick-off!


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