Twitter Attempts to Mansplain Disco Mix’s Career to Me

God flipping god, what the hell is up with today?

Over the last 24 hours, I have been REPEATEDLY mansplained about this tweet

A couple of the guys I know and they were just commenting and offering opinions. I’m not talking about you guys; you know that I like discussing things with you.

I’m talking about the random strangers who felt the need to explain things like, he’s been getting consistent call-ups for like 2 years nowReally?  Huh, you don’t say?  Like oh in January Camp?  See, I referenced his last call-up right there in that tweet and her e is a picture I took of him at said camp.


Also heard because the camp is Euro based?    That was followed up by the Game is in Europe so not really a big trip back to Norway.   WOW. Lightening bolt, Revelation.  I cannot…

So we are clear, I WAS NOT ASKING A QUESTION that needed answering, I was making a declarative statement about what I found most interesting in the Call-Up.  No one, not one guy asked, “WHY,” I was intrigued.   Since you are now asking it to yourself, I will tell you (that was my best Zlatan autobiography move right there).  

Mix was just in January Camp that ended three weeks ago:  He is the only player with a second call-up in 2014.  Why? There are a myriad of possible reasons:

  • He didn’t impressive enough to solidify a place but enough to get a call back?
  • He super impressed and JK wants to see how he does his, “CORE” players: St. Timmy, BB Bradley, Deuce, Germany J, and Jozy, to get a real feel for the Brazil starting line-ups
  • JK just wants to make sure Mix has as much playing time as possible since the Tippeligaen (yes I googled the name of Norway’s league) does start until late March, though like MLS they are in pre-season now.
  • USSF just needed an extra body in camp since the MLS players aren’t getting called up minus BB Bradley and Deuce.

So no, “he regularly gets called-up,” or, he’s Euro based,” does not satiate my curiosity on the Mix call-up but thanks for the mansplaining…

 Rosenborg did offer this (translated via google)

One can safely say that Mix has the confidence of Klinsmann. RBK player has participated in 14 of America’s last 15 games. And statistics with Mix of the track is not bad: With Mix the path the U.S. has won 13 matches and lost only one. Three matches ended draw.

Though the math confuses me..

also fun Disco Mix fact: he is the Kaka of Rosenborg, Only referred to as “Mix”

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