If you Wonder why I HATE Adidas So Much..

Just as I was excited about the “All I dream about” t- celebrating the female fan as independent, Adidas gonna Adidas… In the end, they cannot be anything but what they are.  Scorpion and Frog story again and again…

Thanks to this  tweet by @leslieJ_  I discovered these awesome and in no way, sexist, offensive, racist, selling incorrect and ridiculously bad stereotypes T-shirts they are selling for the WC.  What the World Cup in Brazil needs more than anything is to be a turned into a frat party with sexist t-shirt purchases as admission.

This gem is for the guys.. Also guys buying this t-shirt remember that whole 30 YEARS without Parole in a Federal Prison thing.. You’ll clearly need the reminders


Scoring in Brazil with a underage child in prostitution is an American crime.. does NOT matter if you did not know the minor was an minor.

NOW this T- is for US LADIES… WAHOO!


Look at that..a thonged up bum right there in the heart.  I am wholly confused by this logo. Who is the target consumer?

Is it  promoting women loving women’s asses as a symbol of supporting Lesbian consumers.  If so, then I would give them a pass.. God knows, lesbians have been almost completely eviscerated from any discussion on gay rights and wins.    I sadly doubt it is meant to send that message.

So am I supposed to wear this t as a message that I love my own ass?  I mean; I do, but do I need a tshirt that promotes my love of my own ass?  and if so wouldn’t it read, “I ❤ my own ass”

Adidas get your collected asses together and realized that female fans do not need to be sexualized ideal for the male fan, we can actually just be fans all on or own

Screencaps of the shirts come from this article at the Huffington Post  I attempted to locate the shirts on my own at the Adidas website but the male one was not there and the female one would not enlarge?  Getting pulled already?

UPDATE:   Adidas has agreed to stop selling the t-shirts..  per the AP


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