So FIFA sent me an email telling me that they had an issue processing my WORLD CUP TICKETS..  WHAT WORLD CUP TICKETS????? 

Yes, I entered the lottery, with the US Soccer Federation thinking that it was no big deal..  No one actually gets those tickets.  After not hearing anything when others were having their cards charge, I  wrote it off… Seems my bank was not ok with the just releasing money from my account to somewhere in Switzerland.    I tried to call them today but no one answered…  I CALL AT 7:00 A.M. MONDAY MORNING… AND GET THAT FIXED…

No idea how I pull off a trip to Brazil but you best believe I will do EVERYTHING to make it happen..  DAMN the 401k, IRA or whatever else I have..

I also might be singing at the top of my lungs:  I AM GOING TO BRAZIL, I AM GOING, I AM GOING, I AM GOING TO BRAZIL… 

There is a new level of terror I have to deal with until Monday… PLEASE FIFA DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PROCESS IT AGAIN BEFORE MONDAY MORNING…  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

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