Heading to Charlotte to Share the Love


The International Champions’ Cup was a  MESS last year: disorganized, horribly planned, played by MLS rules (i.e. make them up/completely change them without a second thought) and expensive.   Plus there were A LOT of empty seasons in A LOT of empty stadiums including the doubleheader at Dodger stadium that featured Real Madrid, Juventus, Everton and LA Galaxy.

This year already seems better.  Hell it is only February and all the teams are signed-up, actual match details announced and tickets on sale.   There is nothing going on in LA, closest to me is Inter Milan vs. Real Madrid in Phoenix.  Now normally the idea of 3:00 P.M. kick-off in late July would be well both ridiculous and dangerous but the stadium has a fully retractable roof so.. it’s be interesting at least.  I am not going but should be interesting at least…

I am flying to Charlotte to see AC Milan play Liverpool with my BFF and her 16 yo daughter.  We are having a girls soccer adventure.  (AGAIN… the female fan market is the LAST UNTAPPED MARKET).  We are sitting in the AC Milan supporters sections (no, I have not decided my Serie A loyalties but when the other option is Liverpool, you go Milan.  Even the Inter fans will understand that, I think).

I do not expect a full A-team showing from either team, too close from the end of the WC.  Most stars will still be on their 5 week mandated pre-season break.  It’s not why I am traveling across the country to see the match.  I am going to have girl soccer fun with M and B.   I am most excited because our seats are either 1 or 2 rows from the ground directly behind the goalies.  [Not sure if row 2 is the first row or if there is a row 1]

B is a just learning the art of goalkeeping so she will have a great view to witness how the pros do it from warm-ups to shot-stopping and organizing your defense on set pieces.   Additionally, hanging with the Milanisti should be awesome.    I am thrilled that I get to go with two ladies to their first pro-match (male or female) who  will be awesome company and are into the game.

There will be more on this topic… no doubt..


[also Maldini strolled the Milan sidelines at all their matches last year.  STILL BITTER I NEVER SAW HIM PLAY. I deserve to see him in person at least]


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