U.S.’s President of Soccer.. No American Fan loves American Soccer like Big Bill C.

President Clinton Welcomes the World to the 1994 World Cup
(there is a German VO but you can still understand it)

President Clinton Welcomes the 1999 Women’s World Cup Winning Team to the White House 

Here is the actual text of his speech from the Clinton Library

Favorite Clinton Soccer story:  He (as Commander-in-Chief) ordered Mia Hamm’s (now ex-) husband from his military deployment in Japan (iirc) to the Rose Bowl final to surprise/cheer her own.  Come on that’s just badass level of fandom right there.   He also flew the First Family to the Final as well.

Presidents Clinton and Obama Send the 2010 World Cup Team Off to South Africa


Drinking with the Boys After Algeria…   Capt. America and President of the Fan Club

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