JK Playing FIFA ’14 with USMNT

USMNT coach Jurgan, who’s son committed to playing college soccer at Cal yesterday, is talking about the fear that American players have, basically an European inferiority complex individually.  He is not wrong…  Alexi thinks JK is but I do not.

As an American collective, yeah they believe they can overcome the odds, etc: brothers-in-arms; underdogs win; never-give-up/never-give-in; ‘Mercia. But individually there is not a single American [outfield] players who believes they are elite of the elite.  They still watch in revered fandom of the elite players, not as equals admiring a colleague’s work but as fanboys is awed exultation.

Now do not get me wrong, in addition to the belief factor, there is the still lack of equal technical skills and lack of ingrained soccer brain, which plays heavily into the inferiority complex. [Note talent and skills are NOT the same thing… they are not even in the same state]  Those are not deal-breakers if you can fake until you fake is that ridiculously awful cliche says.  Combine those with an admission even to just yourself you cannot make it; you never will however.

Klinnsy discusses moving USMNT player to Champions League teams because only there will they get better both with their skills and their egos.  He discusses moving Jozy, “or No. 9” to a champions league side, but Jozy is not playing a traditional No. 9 role at Sunderland now.  He is assisting and playing decoy as opposed to scoring.  Now I believe Jozy has the talent and killer instinct without question be playing on the biggest stages but is he mentally tough enough?  That has always been the issue with him. His head gets in his way a lot.

He also mentions sending St. Timmy of the Sticks to a “Big, Big Club” which will no doubt infuriate the Evertonians and belittles their efforts this season.  It also ignores his Man United in the glory years issues.  Sir Alex selling him after bring in Edwin van der Saar because of a bad spell St. Timmy had.  That one even sir Alex acknowledges was a confidence thing.

St. Timmy should be playing Champions League so should Baby Bradley but I cannot even talk about that right now..

Looking at the future prospects, I’m not sure who is coming up… Maybe Agudelo can change the game.. he does seem requisitely talented and arrogant


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