USWNT and USMNT Kick-off 2014, Back-to-Back

The ladies played in the first Sydney Leroux Classic of 2014 against arch-rival Canada.  They looked rusty in attack against a young (think 15 year old high school junior, possibly times two)  and fast Canadian side.  Luckily, the Canadians looked rusty too. Our Defense was solid as per.

The game was scrappy and Canada played as dirty  which is to be expected from them.. Carli Lloyd got a black & swollen eye, at least none of them stomped on her head with the cleats as she laid injured on the ground.

To be clear, I really hate Canada.  I used to respect them until that fiasco reaction to the Semi-finals of the Olympics.  Their reaction was both pathetic and indefensible yet every Canadian actual fan of the team or not tried to defend their behavior.   Then that whole racist BS directed at Syd for choosing the US as her national team allegiance after she scored last year in Toronto.  And no, don’t even try to claim her goal celebration deserved that response. Nothing deserved those comments.

Syd scored the only goal and god was it late. 78th minute.  Of course, Syd scored… but the real beauty was Becky’s ball which was sensational as was her defending all night long.   Of course, there is nothing big on the calendar for the ladies this entire calendar year much like 2013.  However, well done Frisco, Texas for being 38 open seats away from a sell-out (as far as I can figure).

Hey US Soccer, with zero on the line for at least 18 months, the ladies sold just 6,032 less seats then the men did for the start of the World Cup campaign in earnest.  Think about that for a second.

I watched the ladies on tv last night while tweeting… today I was at the StubHub Center for the men’s match v. Korea.  My blood pressure levels have not decreased.  WE ARE SCREWED IN BRAZIL..  SCREWED… Not in the good way either..  No afterglow will be coming from this campaign.

If the girls looked rusty, the boys looked like they had never met each other before they walked onto the pitch.  There was zero evidence that the guys just spent a month together including two weeks in Brazilian seclusion.  It was painful to watch… PAINFUL.

Besides, Wondo, Beckerman and Nicky R, no one truly showed up… the team’s collective passing was a mess.  For some in explicable reason, they were all obsessed with backpassing.  When they had the opportunity to start or continue attacks, they passed it backwards either stalling the attack or turning it over.

There was a distinct lack of any sustained positive possession; there was no communication, understanding of teammates’ decision making, no anticipation and no vision.  Pretty much it was a total fiasco as a prep-match for Brazil.

Forgot to mention – Stu Holden looks happy to be with the boys which makes everything better…


Random but continual thought:  Is the Men’s team punishment for continually a Fantastic Women’s Team or is the Women’s team a reward for suffering through the watching the men?

[Pictures of the Men’s friendly in next post]


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