Twitter Attempts to Mansplain Disco Mix’s Career to Me

God flipping god, what the hell is up with today?

Over the last 24 hours, I have been REPEATEDLY mansplained about this tweet

A couple of the guys I know and they were just commenting and offering opinions. I’m not talking about you guys; you know that I like discussing things with you.

I’m talking about the random strangers who felt the need to explain things like, he’s been getting consistent call-ups for like 2 years nowReally?  Huh, you don’t say?  Like oh in January Camp?  See, I referenced his last call-up right there in that tweet and her e is a picture I took of him at said camp.


Also heard because the camp is Euro based?    That was followed up by the Game is in Europe so not really a big trip back to Norway.   WOW. Lightening bolt, Revelation.  I cannot…

So we are clear, I WAS NOT ASKING A QUESTION that needed answering, I was making a declarative statement about what I found most interesting in the Call-Up.  No one, not one guy asked, “WHY,” I was intrigued.   Since you are now asking it to yourself, I will tell you (that was my best Zlatan autobiography move right there).  

Mix was just in January Camp that ended three weeks ago:  He is the only player with a second call-up in 2014.  Why? There are a myriad of possible reasons:

  • He didn’t impressive enough to solidify a place but enough to get a call back?
  • He super impressed and JK wants to see how he does his, “CORE” players: St. Timmy, BB Bradley, Deuce, Germany J, and Jozy, to get a real feel for the Brazil starting line-ups
  • JK just wants to make sure Mix has as much playing time as possible since the Tippeligaen (yes I googled the name of Norway’s league) does start until late March, though like MLS they are in pre-season now.
  • USSF just needed an extra body in camp since the MLS players aren’t getting called up minus BB Bradley and Deuce.

So no, “he regularly gets called-up,” or, he’s Euro based,” does not satiate my curiosity on the Mix call-up but thanks for the mansplaining…

 Rosenborg did offer this (translated via google)

One can safely say that Mix has the confidence of Klinsmann. RBK player has participated in 14 of America’s last 15 games. And statistics with Mix of the track is not bad: With Mix the path the U.S. has won 13 matches and lost only one. Three matches ended draw.

Though the math confuses me..

also fun Disco Mix fact: he is the Kaka of Rosenborg, Only referred to as “Mix”


Paolo Maldini and His Family Want Peace #SOSVenezuela

Paolo Maldini and His Family Want Peace #SOSVenezuela

Paolo has taken to using his facebook page with its almost 1.1 million supporters to plead for peace and freedom for his wife of almost 20 years, Adriana Fosse’s homeland of Venezuela.

The government has launched a bloody crackdown on pro-freedom demonstrators, so far 13-15 have been killed and scores injured in the violence. For more information go to mashable’s Venezuela page or use the #SOSVenezuela hashtag on social media.

[NOTE: I combined two separate posts of Maldini’s on the subject. The Declaration was posted Feb. 19 and the photo yesterday.]

Maldini’s Original Feb. 19 Post


If you Wonder why I HATE Adidas So Much..

Just as I was excited about the “All I dream about” t- celebrating the female fan as independent, Adidas gonna Adidas… In the end, they cannot be anything but what they are.  Scorpion and Frog story again and again…

Thanks to this  tweet by @leslieJ_  I discovered these awesome and in no way, sexist, offensive, racist, selling incorrect and ridiculously bad stereotypes T-shirts they are selling for the WC.  What the World Cup in Brazil needs more than anything is to be a turned into a frat party with sexist t-shirt purchases as admission.

This gem is for the guys.. Also guys buying this t-shirt remember that whole 30 YEARS without Parole in a Federal Prison thing.. You’ll clearly need the reminders


Scoring in Brazil with a underage child in prostitution is an American crime.. does NOT matter if you did not know the minor was an minor.

NOW this T- is for US LADIES… WAHOO!


Look at that..a thonged up bum right there in the heart.  I am wholly confused by this logo. Who is the target consumer?

Is it  promoting women loving women’s asses as a symbol of supporting Lesbian consumers.  If so, then I would give them a pass.. God knows, lesbians have been almost completely eviscerated from any discussion on gay rights and wins.    I sadly doubt it is meant to send that message.

So am I supposed to wear this t as a message that I love my own ass?  I mean; I do, but do I need a tshirt that promotes my love of my own ass?  and if so wouldn’t it read, “I ❤ my own ass”

Adidas get your collected asses together and realized that female fans do not need to be sexualized ideal for the male fan, we can actually just be fans all on or own

Screencaps of the shirts come from this article at the Huffington Post  I attempted to locate the shirts on my own at the Adidas website but the male one was not there and the female one would not enlarge?  Getting pulled already?

UPDATE:   Adidas has agreed to stop selling the t-shirts..  per the AP


Everyone’s favorite/most accessible MLS Owner Merritt Paulson is on a rampage about leaking Jerseys early and the whole “MLS Jersey Week” nonsense, Adidas and SUM (clearly) demand of teams.


He is not wrong, but he does not go far enough.. Club should be allowed to pick their own Jersey partners too. If MLS is going to be like Europe, we should go with the baby steps before say changing the league calender.  Let clubs have the freedom to pick jerseys that they like not that they are ordered to use.

I had wanted to reply additionally with a rant about the continual lack of women’s fan appeal but figured I would check to see what Portland had has since they have a big female fanbase and he owns the Thorns as well.   Low and behold, so many cute ladies Ts, actually NINETEEN CUTE T-SHIRTS and NOT ONE BUT TWO… YES TWO DIFFERENT JERSEY TYPES JUST FOR LADIES… NOT EVEN KIDS.  These were placed in a section of the club’s online store called, “Women,” yep, just women, not women and kids.   I tweeted him thanks… they are not my team but they are a team in my league and my PDX ladies are getting cute stuff so YAY for them.

Given this Portland development and the SUM merchandise survey I took a couple of weeks ago where I STRONGLY lamented the lack of cute ladies stuff, I figured I would check to see if the 2014 Season would bring ANY equality to female MLS fans.  So I headed over to and found they also have split up their club store and the official site.    They have NINETEEN Tshirt selections now too and different than PDX but none of them creepy sexist either.  The store is still, “women and kids” and still lacking in ANYTHING reasonable for the former.

The Team Store has  so many cute options.. I was giddy..  I MUST HAVE THIS..


Look it is just about me as a women… ENJOYING soccer not as someone’s girlfriend or mom or because the boys are cute.. (yep, still judging you LA Galaxy). It celebrates me as a fan on my own, of my own fandom for the team and the sport. 

I have been to all the club sites today and it is not a constant across all clubs but hopefully this is a move forward to embracing female fans, not simply is accessories to their male partners’ fandom or as moms to the soccer team but as actual independent fans of the game and of teams.


Below are links to the various, non team shops.

Dc United’s Team Store, Women’s Section

Chicago Fire/Fanatics. Women’s Section 

Colorado Rapids/Altitude Authentics, Women’s  Section

Fc Dallas Team Store, Women’s T-Shirt Section

Montreal Impact Team Boutique, Women’s Section

New England Revolution Team Store, Women’s Section (3 Shirts, 5 Hats)

Philadelphia Union Team Shop, Women’s Section

Portland Timbers Team Shop, Women’s Section

San Jose Earthquakes Team Shop, Women’s Section (It’s Not Impressive At All)

Seattle Sounders Team Shop, Women’s Section

Sporting Kc Team Shop, Women’s Section..  (They Are Having A Huge Sale)

Toronto Fc Team Shop, Women’s Section (Less Impressive Than Even San Jose)

Vancouver Whitecaps Team Store, Women’s Section