BradleyGate… Soapy Soccer Lands in America

According to Waxman [Michael Bradley’s Agent], only one other team was prepared to consider the $50 million it would take to get Bradley. Bradley wasn’t interested in going to that club, regardless of his wage

The quote is from Cathal Kelly’s brilliant and immensely detailed opus on TFO’s signing bonanza.  It is the most interesting and seemingly ignored point in the article..  Complete article from Toronto Star

Anyone doubt who the other team is?  Why does America’s best midfielder not want to play with America’s best striker week in, week out?  Why would he refuse at any price to play with America’s presumptive starting centerback?  Especially in this World Cup prep year?

This nugget of information does not make me feel any better about our chances in Brazil..

The article contains much other interesting and typically absurd MLS-only nonsense like somehow MLS teams can claim the rights of players that have zero connection with MLS.  Anyway read the whole thing and play again with BradleyGate


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