Might the LA Galaxy Be FINALLY getting it….

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This may do more to get me to renew my MLS Season Tickets than ANYTHING else.

My conflict over renewing my LA Galaxy season tickets continues…

I love my seatmates and my section, adore them…

Jimmy Fallon’s character in the god-awful American remake of Nick Hornsby’s book/movie Fever Pitch says “Well, it’s my summer family,” after introducing Drew Barrymore’s character to his seatmates.

That is how I view my seatmates, they are my summer family.   I adore them, watch the kids grow up year after year, know what is going on in this lives.  They are my MLS season family.  We get together to watch away matches and chat on facebook.  I cannot image summer without them.

The other day I found heaven on earth at the grocery story in the form of Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle. [They are like crack]… my first thought was, “well I know what I am bringing for opening day.”  It was then that I remembered that I had not renewed yet.

The next morning I got an e-mail from the Galaxy with a 2013 Season Ticketholder end of the year survey.  Since I already filled out the one they gave me at the actual end of the season, I thought it was odd but I wrote it off to not renewing out.  In my first one, I was honest about my reasons for most likely not renewing.

I am not ok with my money supporting the vile and abusive activities of their main supporters’ group, Angel City Brigade.  Their leadership or their face-members have a very open history of being abusive to their own players, their own fans, other teams’ fans, etc and the club supports them and their abuse.  It is not ok… it is a violation of MLS policies and not to mention morals and ethics.

I know many lovely ACB members, who just want to support their team and have fun.  This is not about them but when their leaders are abusive in their group’s name, they all get painted with that brush.  That’s life in a group unfortunately.

A few weeks ago, when I posted that I was not sure I would renew on twitter, whoever runs the Club’s account, replied inquiring if what my issue was, so I told that person too.  I get the feeling that was not the response s/he was expecting and the person was not sure how to respond.

That exchange was followed up with some ACB member joining in attack kitten mode, hoping that launching an attack on me would divert attention from my point.  In the process, she did not realize she admitted that they deliberately attack other people.   Third rule of politics, when you opponents are making your case for your, stay quiet.

A couple of other people responded to the dialogue between the LAG and me saying similar things to what I was saying either stating they personally suffered abuse or were not ok with bashing their own team members.  [Note – when I say bashing, I do not mean “WTF? You sucked tonight” there is a lot of that, yes but I am talking about tweets to their own players saying things like, “Why don’t you kill yourself” It was later deleted.  That tweet was sent from an account that many high ranking LAG staff follow.  They cannot claim that ALL of them did not see it before it was deleted.]

That was the end of that whole thing.  I calmed down and was ready to finally renew yesterday, so I decided to take that survey.  It struck me as odd that there was a code included to unlock it.  In 7 years or so of taking the survey, I never remember there being a code to include.  There may have been one every time but I do not remember any.

The survey was pretty similar to the one from the end of last season or every other season for that matter.  I filled it out and noticed stuck in the middle of one of the sections with group ratings was a “fan behavior” rating request.   I was like, “that’s new,” but just rated it and the commented my feelings in the comment section.

It reminded me how much I dislike the behavior of ACB and even more, the Club’s refusal to moderate or punish them in any way for it.  The survey reminded me why I have not yet renewed.  It is that in a nutshell. I am not ok with my money supporting abuse: of people trying to do their job or people trying to watch a match that they also paid to see.  Being a supporter is not free license to be a complete asshole, mob mentality be damned.

Fast forward to this morning at the dog park, when my old polling life came back warp speed.  Of course the “fan behavior” question was buried.  It was the only question they wanted answered.  They had answers to all the other questions from the December survey.   There are many times you conduct a survey to get one question answered.  The survey was constructed to bury the desired question and to give cover to the response if necessary.

Because the taker was asked only to rank the fan behavior experience on a scale, they can finagle the results as needed.  They can also track who answered and where they are seats by the individual code entered presumably.  The real interesting results will be reviewing the comments section which no one but a select few will ever see, unless they glowing then they will be turned into promo material.

The interesting/important part is not the results of the survey; it is that they conducted it at all.  Might I not be the only one critical of the Galaxy’s golden fans?  Honestly, showing effort to deal with the abuse would go a long way in my finally renewing.

I already miss my summer family… I have not seen most of them since early November.  They need to experience the Brownie Brittle too.


2 thoughts on “Might the LA Galaxy Be FINALLY getting it….

  1. Really interesting take. I’m not a season ticket holder but I do enjoy going to Galaxy games when I can. I have only sat in the ACB section once with my friends, but we had a great time. However, I have noticed on twitter that there are certain members of ACB (I’d say about 5-6 that are really bad) that are abusive to players, and tweet things that they later regret and end up deleting. I’m hopeful that ACB can self regulate their members activity on twitter, but if not, the club should do something.

    Hope you do end up renewing your season tickets. It’s always great to watch games in a packed stadium. 🙂

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