FORZA WHO? My Serie A Loyalists Are Up For Grabs…

With BB Bradley heading out of the Roma locker-room, my Serie A fandom is again up for grabs.  My club support rules are simple:  I support any/all teams with Americans; when they leave, I am out too.  If there none are there, then I pick a general club until an American shows up.  It only gets dicey when American outfield players, play against American goalies. When that happens, I hit the Jamo and binge on my nails.

To be honest, Roma were never my team.  After all, I have a seething, white-hot hate for Daniele De RedCard since that time I almost got banned from RFK stadium watching the 2006 US v. Italy World Cup match.   All y’all know the moment.  [#ObligatoryIHateDDR tweets were a mainstay of my Roma support]  I do and have always adored Totti, minus his “run-ins” with Mario B.  I do not want the team to tank or anything but just do not care about them anymore with the same gusto. I want them to do well but my support lacks any passion.

Now, my love for Pirlo is well established.. I HEART HIM. It is a pure love that will last a lifetime.  Only men who could rival him in my heart are Maldini and Riquelme.  I know there are many other great players throughout history.  The issue for me is that I never saw them play, and clips do not give a complete understanding.

I mention this because despite my love of Pirlo and the pure entertainment of goofy-as-hell Gigi B; Juve is not for me.  Of that, I am certain.  They are fun to watch but like a pretty boy walking at a fashion show.. they look perfect, but they seem like soulless robots lacking passion and emotion.  They don’t move me, inspire me. They are not for me.

In reality, it is pretty much down to Inter v. Milan.   They are my combined default Serie A setting depending on whatever variables exist at the time.   That said, I am more than willing to consider other teams, all except NO LAZIO, NO WAY, NO HOW.

So on to the Pros and Cons of Milan v. Inter

AC Milan
Milan has history and tradition, not necessarily meaning the trophy case but its soul and passion.   Minus the period when Berlusconi went completely off the rails around 2010, Milan seemed to have this mythical aura of being more than a club, more like a way of living the game larger than life. Maldini, Pirlo, Seedorf, Gattuso, Inzaghi, Ambrosini, Nesta, Kaka, Ronaldino, Sheva… Good Lord their early to mid 2000’s team was insane and they were loyal.  They are STILL loyal, even with the Berlusconi madness.

I LOVE that their manager hunt to replace Allegri was Milan legend v. Milan legend: Milan U-17 manager, Pippo Inzaghi verses ultimate winner Seedorf.  Now, Seedorf having zero coaching experience and no licenses is a whole other issue. I should be fun to watch, either way.  My money is on Seedorf succeeding and more importantly, getting the best out of Mario.  At this point, as Mario goes so goes Milan.  He is that important.

The cons for Milan are pretty simple.. A) Berlusconi is a creepy, corrupt perv; and (B) well, See (A)  BERLUSCONI IS A CREEPY, CORRUPT PERV..

There is one area where I am completely torn and that is, “Lady B,” Barbara Berlusconi.  I want to support women in the men’s game.  I need to support them.  She is young and was handed the club as a present from daddy.  Neoptism is pretty common in the world’s game, but I believe she is one of the first where a club did not go to a son but instead went to a daughter.

She has made some great changes, especially embracing social media and building the fanbase worldwide, like creating in entire twitter account in Japanese for Honda’s home fans.  Then there are the misteps, the mess with Galliani, which made her look somewhat clueless and powerless when daddy stepped in to protect his good old boy.   Before that was the whole Pato mess…when you are the boss, you cannot bang the employees.  Granted with Silvio as a papa, appropriateness and boundaries could not have big lessons in that house.

F.C. Internazionale Milano

Inter is the exact opposite of Milan to me.  They are like the Charlie Brown of Serie A, the lovable losers who try really hard and normally come up short.   I love the underdog; it is why I cannot support Juve.  They will do anything to win and I cannot be ok with that.

Inter have Javier Zanetti.  What more needs to be said?  There are few, if any, professionals who rival him on and off the pitch, simply a man of immense character.  He is the antithesis of the stereotype of the modern player. Actually he is the antithesis of Berlesconi.

I already have an Inter jersey, of course it is reads, “Ibrahimović” and is from the treble winning season.  I got it at a party with the Inter team when they introduced the new home kit in LA while on summer tour.  I debated and debated between Zanetti and Zlatan. I chose WRONG.  Ibra was traded LITERALLY an hour after I got the shirt and met him at the party.   Yes, I’m still bitter.

Inter recently became my beloved DC United’s half brother, we share a Daddy Warbucks, owner Erik Thorir.   I am unsure of the loyalty rules in this kind of situation.  I worry that my best United players will end up at Inter so supporting them may very well require supporting Inter.

The major con with Inter is that I would have another team that will almost certainly break my heart, a lot.  Not sure that I need/can handle another of those in my life, especially in this World Cup year.

So decisions, decisions, decisions, as Cher Horiwitz said, “Decisions are the worst”


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