SUPERDRAFT Day.. My Thoughts

A Keeper goes No. 1 –  Which is the most American Soccer thing I can possibly think of in the history of American Soccer Things

Why must everything in MLS be, “Super” sized?  “SuperDraft” “Super Classico” Is it to make the men of MLS feel more adequate like the guy who drives a Hummer?  [So we are clear, just an FYI, ladies only like a big wallet as compensation of smaller other things.  Cars, houses, boats, classicos are for guys to feel better.  It does not work with us]

Make the Draft More Fun – Draft would be way more compelling if it was a, “SuperDraft,” comprised of ALL of the drafts being done at once.  Re-entry against the kiddos, etc. I get why it is not from player/economic perspective but 2000 different drafts is a little much.  One actual SuperDraft would be entertaining as all hell.

Diversity in MLS BWHAHAHA – Don Vito tweeted a pic of the draft floor and my first thought was, [pic is below] “Damn that is an insane amount of white guys sitting around tables.”  There is ZERO diversity in MLS..  ZERO… There is probably more diversity on display at a Klan rally than at the MLS draft floor.  Seriously, WHITE GUYS AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE..  This also explains who so many of their decisions are so mindbogglingly stupid.

MLS is impoverished, just so you know In anticipation of the players CBA negotiations, Don Vito is in full pleading poverty mode.  Grant Wahl of SI quotes him as saying, “The league is losing between $75 and $100 million a year.”   Here is a thought, STOP MAKING INSANELY IDIOTIC deals, a la Beckham gets all his shirt sale rights; $60 million for Bradley (I LOVE Bradley but come the flipping hell on, He is worth NO WHERE NEAR THAT), about the same for Jermaine Defoe (Still trying to wrap my head around that madness. It is indefensible), continually creating new revenue streams like retention funds, levels of DPS, allocations money raises, etc.   It is really hard to make that poverty argument with the really stupid deals that are made daily in MLS which dole out cash to the special kids.

Transparency  in the League BWAHAHAHA (part 2) –  I would say transparency in rule and deal making but that would screw with Don Vito’s clear goals of a RICO indictment as his crowning commissioner achievement.

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