Playing along on this Xavi to MLS Story….


My overriding question:  If Bradley costs $50 MIL + $10 MIL transfer, HOW DO YOU EVEN CALCULATE WHAT XAVI IS WORTH?

WINNER’S MEDAL COUNT (only majors):

  • World Cup (possible 2nd before arrival)
  • Euro Cup (x 2)
  • Champion’s League (x3, possible 4th before arrival)
  • La Liga (x7, possible 8th before arrival)

There are some interesting questions that a Xavi move brings out. One’s I have often been ridiculed for asking.

This is a kid who has never left home: Never had to experience learning a new culture, a new city, a new club mentality and a new country with a new language.   How will he adapt?  Leaving home is ALWAYS hard the first time, even at 33 or especially at 33

He has always had the best players in the world next around him, passing to him and receiving passes from him, making magic with him.  Can he do it on his own?  I have ALWAYS thought/said that if you remove Xavi, Inestia or Messi from the Barca nest they will fail because a large part of what makes the triangle great is knowing what the other two will do without thinking, questioning, waiting until it is done.  They have been together their whole professional lives, since they will literally children.  Let’s be honest, they think with one match brain.

There is a reason that Messi is nowhere near as successful with Argentina as he is with Barca.  It is not that Argentina doesn’t have world class players, because they do.  It is that Messi does not know those players passes and movements before they are made like he does with his Barca brethren.

Can Xavi perform in a league that is not technically advanced?  If it is true, that he is coming to NY, either NYRB or NYCFC, it will be interesting to watch how it works out for the team and the league.


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