Per tancredi palmeri on twitter..  Sky Italia was reporting Xavi to Red Bulls after the World Cup.  Never one to trust a tweet of a story, I went looking for the Sky Italia Report.   It is above.

According to Google Translate it Reads:
Xavi to the U.S. – The Barcelona player will almost certainly leave at the end of the season bluagrana. For him MLS destination. Already started negotiations with the New York Red Bull.

Look I accept google translate is not very good… but you get the general gist of it.

Now for the actual story, it seems all kinds of odd to me.  First of all, does NYRB have that kind of cash on hand?  Shouldn’t this story be NYC FC in 2015 which has been rumored for a while?  Does Sky Italia even know about NYC FC or did they just hear MLS NYC and assumed it was NYRB since it was the only one it heard of?  Could NYRB hijack NYC FC’s superstar signing just to re-establish that it is not the New Jersey Redbulls? Does Henry want a friend?  Would Xavi really come?   Is this just total BS?

No idea what the answer to any of these questions but I love me some silly season madness.  Especially when it is not my star Americans packing up and coming home.


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