BB Bradley, MLS and a Whole Lotta WTF?


BB Bradley Feb 11, 2009 – Columbus, Oh, WCQ vs. Mex, The Hex

Yesterday in USMNT/MLS News went NOTHING like I expected.  When Taylor Twellman’s tweet
with the BB Bradley news came out, tears starting filling my eyes and m stomach churned.   As details leaked out, I have been progressing through the stages of grief.

Look, I get why Michael Bradley would take this deal.  The money being rumored is fantastic for him, for his family and for their future. [$6.5 Mil/year for 5-6 years, plus a $10 Mil transfer fee per Jefffery Carlise of ESPN]   Between this and the Defoe deal, Toronto is all poised to be the new powerhouse or at least challenge for it.   At least they did not go with that idiotic ideal about how the best American players should play for competitors’ teams in America.

God only knows what the hell side deals were cut to get all this done but this is why you hire Lieweke because he is the one who gets these deals done.

What upsets me about this deal is the message it sends about the league.  It is an admission that we are not producing the highest level talent that can compete with the best internationally.  Our best players cannot get playing time in the best leagues in the world, so we are way over-pricing them to come home and play in an inferior league.  This is EXACTLY what Cudicini got ripped apart for this week.  SOMETHING IS MISSING IF OUR BEST CANNOT GET PLAYING TIME WITH THE BEST CLUBS

People can spin this BS all they want;  this is the reality…

“Americas best players want to play at home.” NO,  they WANT to play in the Champions’ League.  They just aren’t getting those opportunities, so getting super paid is the next best thing.   The worst part of this is the fact that they players are basically giving up on being the best.   It is unAmerican to think that way.

If this deal is really for 6 years… DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN.. Michael Bradley is DONE.  DONE.  At 32, there is no more Europe and let’s be CRYSTAL CLEAR, there is no leaving before the end.  MLS would not give up him without re-cooping the losses and who pays that much for him?  If they are not paying that for him now.. they will not later as he gets older…

I am so sick to death of these so called experts who think this move is a huge milestone for MLS’S growth.  It is not.  It is another American story of coming home after not making the big time.   For this to be a MLS milestone, foreign stars in their prime need to show up and get paid.

The MLS will have reached the next level when Juan Mata or Mario Balotelli, for example, show up to play at this point in their careers.      Until then, it is just  golden parachute of USMNT not making Champions’ League leaps.  

So we are clear.  I FLIPPING LOVE BB BRADLEY… have since a very cold, wet, windy night in C-bus in 2009 when he took the USMNT on his back and personally ensured a Dos A Cero victory by scoring dos goals.  He was 21 and I was in awe.  Also,  I absolutely get why he takes this deal — potentially $39 million in salary over 6 years if the numbers are correct, before bonuses (and taxes).  I would never begrudge any player from making the best possible living they can.

I am normally a pretty optimistic person with harsh realistic worldview.  This move is bad and it sends a bad message to the rest of the world. It is worse than Deuce because it re-enforces the negatives of exposed in that transfer.


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