BB Bradley to TFO – This needs to come with shots of Jamo


Here is the thing…  spare me the MLS is evolving rhetoric.  It is not evolving that fast, at least not fast enough to justify BB coming to play.

His father turned down MLS because he wanted to try Europe.  Bob gets the club job in Norway and so BB and presumably his wife and infant son move to Toronto?  Something does not add up about this story.

While it is true AS Roma has become crowded and not playing him, a full scale retreat to MLS is unfathomable right now. Back to Germany, another team in Italy, there are many options better than this fiasco.   It defies logic and it defies reason.

Six month loan deal, maybe, but what the flipping hell?

Jermaine Jones is ready to come to the US… Bradley is not.

also Tim Lieweke is the Darth Vader of MLS.  There is a reason that Galaxy’s DPs after he left were Omar and Landon.  He is the evil Jedi Mindtrick Master [we all know Uncle Phil is the MLS’s  Emperor Palpatine]

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