Anyone Hungry? It’s Camp Cupcake Time

Sacha Kljestan’s awaiting a free kick 2009 vs Sweden, Jan. 24, 2009.  He scored a hat trick this match.

I’ve been trying to write about Camp Cupcake Call-ups all day without success. Now it could be that I have a fever and been surviving on Jolly Ranchers and steam showers for days now, or it could be that I am seriously conflicted about it.

Generally I love January USMNT Camp and some of my favorite matches have been Camp friendlies. The matches are ruckus, chaotic, exciting and fun. I am still upset there was not one played in Los Angeles match last year. I look forward to them, a lot.

Of course, I have a ticket to the US v. Korea and am excited about it. It should be a fun night, especially with the very massive Korean ex-pat population in Los Angeles. Crowd should be ALL IN for the full 90 minutes.

As for Camp itself, I love call-up list: so much fresh blood and so much potential. I LOVE Mike Mcgee.. LOVE HIM. Even before it was cool to love him. For the record, that day was June 26, 2011 — the day he played in goal and kept a clean sheet. Mcgee in my kind of player: scrappy, a little dirty, hard-charging, quick and creative, in short a missing piece on the national team.

I love the young guns getting call-ups too but it does remind me that US Soccer is more concerned with Post-World Cup than Brazil, itself.

Yeah, I know they are taking 23 of 26 players to Brazil for the 2 weeks condition testing for June. I understand why they are going. Players and more importantly the coaching and support staff, need to get a realistic understanding of what it will be like. This is as close as we get since we did not earn a birth to the ConFed Cup. It I the ultimate cost of not winning the Gold Cup in 2011, luckily CONCACAF has changed the rules on that.

Honestly though, I just simply do not get the logic not taking just three players. It cannot cost that much more to take the three and can increase the overall experience of camp significantly. If it were only half camp that would make sense, but just three why? Anyone think it will not be three goalkeepers staying home?  There are 4 called into camp for a half a slot.

This camp rooster does have me curious given the mix of new players and the old guard. Oddly, it does not have me excited as it should. Some of my favorite players are coming Wando, Disco Mix, Big Bill Hamid, and ZUSi.

Plus the flashbacks from US v Canada last year are still haunting me. I was so excited for Omar to finally get his call-up, but by the end of that match, all I wanted was his cap-protected and then benched forever more. He was so unbelievably bad that it still hurts my soul. Granted, no one was especially good that match, but he took horrific to a whole other level. How he is now an auto-starter is a mystery to me. He makes a ton of mistakes that actually cost goals.

I do not want to loath anyone on this list. This is a major part of my trepidation.

The other being that I am fighting tooth and nail not to get invested in the US having a great World Cup. I cannot get emotionally committed just to have my heartbroken into a billion pieces. Much better to expect the worst and be surprised gloriously.


PS- I am violently sick so if this makes no sense.. well, oh wel…

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