World Cup 2014 is exactly 170 days away. Yeah, just 22 weeks until Kick-off.

The obvious questions remain and intensify:

  • Will Brazil Do a Confed Cup redux with protests at stadiums and in the streets?
  • Will the stadiums/hotels/transportation infrastructure/communications infrastructure/etc be ready?
  • Do the anticipated temps pose dangerous risks for players and fans in the sun-soaked stands?
  • Will fans be safe from crime?
  • Would FIFA really move it? If so, where?

No idea the answer to any of those but I know mostly the same questions were asked prior to SA2010 and it was almost all good in the end.

Now, 170 days is not a lot of time.  Moving would have to be done within the next few weeks, and that seems highly unlikely.   I would not hate because USA would be top of the move to list. We require almost no advanced notice to stage massive events.

When SARS hit China in early 2003, FIFA pulled the Women’s World Cup and handed it to the USA.  It was only with a couple of months notice and it went off without a hitch.

Now again, I think that it is highly unlikely FIFA moves it.  So we prepare for the first Brazilian World Cup in 64 years.


The Game of Their Lives by Geoffrey Douglas.  The story US Soccer’s great triumph, with first person accounts and meticulous research.  June 29, 1950, in a mining town North of Rio, the locally called, “Reyes of Futbol,” (Kings of Soccer, aka England) faced a ragtag group of American kids in the first round.

Spoiler Alert: Much like the two previous wars, let’s just say.. ‘Merica!

Douglas beautifully tells the story of how this diverse group of men and boys became arguably the greatest United States Men’s National Team ever.  In extensive detail, he described the match, explores Brazil’s love affair with the game and the World’s adoration of that relationship, then most importantly,  introduces our generation to these forgotten legends of the US game.

The book is an fantastic, READ IT! It is 146 pages (including several pages of photos) and moves at the pace of a great match.  The Game of Their Lives at

The movie is not has wonderful but it is great…  Here is the trailer and NOTE IT IS CALLED, “MIRACLE MATCH”   

Moral of the Story for the Modern Age:  in remote parts of Brazil where no one wants to play, US players against the, “Unbeatable,” team.. Magic happens


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