Why I Started Socc-Her

I LOVE this sport… LOVE IT, IN LOVE WITH IT, but there is one thing that drives me a homicidal rage over it:  the ever-present and ever-blatant sexism surrounding it, especially the coverage of it.

Where are the female voices?  There are precious few, Georgie Bignham, Georgie Thompson, Georgina Turner and Julie Foudy, come to mind.  However, this is a sport watched by BILLIONS of people, played by MILLIONS of girls and I can count the number of females covering the sport at a high level on my fingers.  Don’t get me wrong, they are all fantastic and gleefully consume their insights whenever possible.

For a long time, ladies who loved the game had Kickette (RIP), a place where we could talk about every aspect of the game from players pecks to their passing completion ratings.  That is missing now.

Especially in States’s side based coverage, it is a frat-house, filled sausage factor and it is hurting the sport..  just yesterday (or the day before)  Sport Illustrated senior writer and some blogger got into some sort of stupid twitter war and every other guys just gawked and crowed. All I thought was everyone get a ruler, get your cameraphone and drop your pants..

This blog is simply a place where people can get an additional voice, that while high and squeaky often has a different perspective from the run in a back boys blogs.

So hangout, enjoy.. criticize, etc…

PS – thanks to the ever wonderful Brooks at Dirty Tackle for the encouragement…


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